Trekking gear you need to succesfully complete the Inka Trail


In order to fully enjoy the Inka Trail trek, having the right gear is a must. However, to choose the right equipment you should take into account the time of year, general weather conditions, and the maximum altitude of the trek.

In picking your equipment, note that a properly packed backpack is light and includes multipurpose clothing items.

Not having the required gear and clothing will not only significantly decrease the pleasure of trekking in the Ica Trail, but could also be dangerous. So, alway bring the following trekking gear with you.

1. Dry Sack

You never know when it’s going to rain, so prepare for the worst, particularly if you have things that must remain dry (your camera or personal documents, for example). Carry with you a dry sack in order to protect your gear against storms or heavy rains.

2. Hiking Boots

Footwear may be the most important thing you bring with you in the Inka Trail to Machu Piccu. So, if you invest in one thing in advance, invest in a solid comfortable pair of hiking boots. For obvious reasons, your shoes can literally make or break the trek. Decide whether you need a mid or high-cut hiking boots for ankle support, as this may influence your purchasing decision.


3. Hiking Poles

If you’ve not been on any major trek before, a walking pole can be the difference between finishing the Inka Trail and turning back early. Poles are used to take the weight and pressure off of key areas when you’re tackling particularly tough terrain –whether that be consistent climbs over long periods of time or short bursts of challenging terrain.

Poles come either with or without anti-shock features. Anti-shock will cost you slightly more, but it’s the safe bet for longer hikes.


4. Small backpack

You’ll be carrying all your stuff on your back up and down mountain passes so the size, fit and comfort of your pack is important. Aim to carry a pack that is big enough to hold the essentials, yet not too big that it will weigh you down. The size will depend on how many days will take you complete the Inka Trail.

5. Waterproof Jacket

If you’re planning to do the Inka Trail, you’re probably going to get rained on. This doesn’t have to be a problem, if you have a reliable waterproof jacket. The best rain jackets are lightweight, and packable, so you can forget you even have it when the sun appears. Make sure you choose a jacket with good breathable material, it can be hot work climbing up the Inka Trail!

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