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What to do in Huaraz

Not much of a hiker? Or maybe you’ve already trekked your heart out and are looking for what to do in Huaraz that’s different. Although Huaraz is known for its world-class trekking, this little town nestled in the Andes has a lot more to offer than just hiking. From museums to hot springs, to churches and culinary experiences, you’ll never get bored in this Peruvian pueblo. Read on for a brief guide on what to do in Huaraz for fun, aside from trekking.

Laurel Thompson

There are plenty of things to do around the city itself. You can take a leisurely stroll around town, visit the local market, Plaza De Armas, and Iglesia La Soledad. Iglesia La Soledad is a modest but beautiful church that presents a stunning site against the backdrop of the mountains. On Sundays you can often catch some dance performances on the Plaza De Armas, so be sure to swing by if you happen to be in town over the weekend. Visiting the Regional Museum of Ancash is a perfect way to spend a few hours. Wander around the lovely garden and take in some history as you see everything from ancient statues to human skulls. Entry is inexpensive and it’s worth a visit!

Need more information about what to do in Huaraz? Everyone has to eat, right? Check out the market for a sensory overload of smells and tastes, from fresh local fruits and veggies to live chickens in cages waiting to be chosen for dinner. It’s entertaining, delicious, and a great way to enjoy the local culture. Fancy a drink? Two great places to try out a local craft beer in Huaraz are Craft Huaraz and Sierra Andina. Craft Huaraz is a cute little spot with great beer and tasty food. Cervecería Sierra Andina is a well-known brewery with a variety of locally-brewed beers that’ll have your tastebuds dancing. Pick up beers from the actual brewery where the beer is produced or enjoy their taproom and restaurant, Trivio Resto Bar. There are many varieties to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you need some souvenirs? Go shopping in Huaraz and enjoy prices lower than those you’ll find in Cusco. Since it is a hiking capital, you can also find lots of outdoor and sports gear if you’re in the market for these items.

More advice on what to do in Huaraz: Don’t be afraid to venture out of town. This area has plenty of options for short day trips. We can recommend checking out the Wilcahuain Ruin National Monument to marvel at the ancient structures and artifacts. Visit the nearby towns of Carhuaz, Caraz, and Yungay. The town of Yungay suffered a huge earthquake in 1970 and there is still some remaining damage from the tragedy. The cemetery in Yungay has a striking white statue of Christ that looms over the town, and the nearby cemetery also offers great views over the pueblo.

What to do in Huaraz if you are a hot springs lover? There are two sets of hot springs located within about 45 minutes of the town. One is Monterrey, located about 10km from the town center, and the other is Chancos Hot Springs, about 27 km away. Both are great, but we favor Chancos as it’s a little less crowded, and is located in a more natural setting. Chancos comprises around 10 steam caves, all with varying temperatures- and all completely natural! Treat yourself to a day of pampering!

Finally, here are some options for what to do in Huaraz besides trekking that are still physically challenging: Rock climbing in Huaraz is perfect for beginners. I gave it a go and had an amazing time. There are rock faces within walking distance of the city center, as well as some places you can drive to. Mountain biking is also an option in this region! You can go on a bike tour to explore both the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca.

Huaraz has stunning landscapes perfect for hiking but there’s so much more to explore while in this area of Peru. From great eats, drinks, and history, there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your time here.

For more information on what to do in Huaraz, and to start planning your trip, get in touch with our team today!

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