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The Santa Cruz Trek: One of Huaraz’s most iconic treks image

The Santa Cruz Trek: One of Huaraz’s most iconic treks

If you’re in search of one of the most beautiful treks in Huaraz, Peru’s capital of Andean adventure, you’ve found it in the Santa Cruz Trek. The four-day, three-night route through Peru’s Cordillera Blanca takes you past emerald lakes, cascading waterfalls, and towering snow-capped peaks. It’s a journey that’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but also not so difficult that it excludes less experienced trekkers. If your curiosity is peaked, keep reading. We’ll tell you just what to expect on the Santa Cruz Trek.

Laurel Thompson

Trekking Distance

The total length of the Santa Cruz Trek is an ambitious 27 miles, or 43 kilometers. Though not the longest of the Huaraz treks, it is one of the most scenic. Each day involves anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of trekking, with most days falling toward the upper end of that spectrum.


Trekking Difficulty

Though physically demanding, the Santa Cruz Trek is classified as a moderately difficult trek in Peru. Even novice hikers should have no problem completing the route. However, it’s important that you prepare your body for the demands of the high-altitude mountain terrain In the months leading up to your trek. You’ll want to ramp up your cardio training and practice by doing some hikes at higher altitudes if you can.



The Santa Cruz Trek reaches a peak altitude of 4,750 m.a.s.l. (15,584 ft.) at the Punta Unión Pass, while the rest of the trekking route hovers around 3,000 m.a.s.l. (9,842 ft.). This means altitude sickness is a risk. Stay hydrated, eat your carbs, and climb slowly. Do these things and you should be in the clear to avoid more severe symptoms, like headache and extreme nausea during your Huaraz trekking experience.

Trekking the Santa Cruz Trek With Explorandes

The biggest pro to arranging the Santa Cruz Trek with an expert adventure tour operator is how little you have to think about details like food, water, gear, and navigating the route. Trek with Explorandes and you can focus all of your attention on the beautiful surroundings, knowing that the camp crew has your meals, gear, and camp set-up entirely covered from beginning to end.

For more information about the Santa Cruz Trek in Huaraz, or other Peru treks with Explorandes, get in touch with us today.

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