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Where to Catch a Sunset in Lima, Peru image

Where to Catch a Sunset in Lima, Peru

Lima, the City of Kings, is the capital of Peru. Despite its hustle and bustle, Lima contains quite a few spots to catch a relaxing moment. Thanks to the city’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean and variety of microclimates, there’s plenty to do and enjoy while visiting this capital city on your Peru vacation. Getting to one of these four spots for a Lima sunset is one of those them.

Laurel Thompson

Malecón de Chorrillos

Located south of Lima, the Malecon de Chorrillos has one of the best views over the city at sunset. From here, you can enjoy the sunset from the cliffs and beaches that overlook Lima. Nearby, and worth visiting, are the Morro Solar and La Herradura Beach.


Malecón de Miraflores

From this boardwalk you can enjoy amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Before catching a glorious sunset in Lima , you can go paragliding or wander among Lima’s lovely coastal parks, such as El Parque de Amor, Raimondi Park, or Maria Reiche Park. The famous cliffside Larcomar Shopping Center, with eateries, stores, movie theaters, and a beer garden is only a few steps away.


The Viewpoint of Barranco

This incredible viewpoint is located on a cliff behind the famous Ermita de Barranco, a 19th-century church. From here, you can view the sunset in Lima as it descends over the magical Pacific Ocean. After the sun sets, grab a bite to eat at some of Lima’s best restaurants, or alternatively, catch your sunset while dining at one of them. Several of these eateries boast ocean views.


The Beaches South of Lima

Beginning approximately 38 kilometers south of Lima, there exist several beaches that are a must-visit for those who love sun and waves. Among the most popular are Punta Hermosa, Santa Maria del Mar, and San Bartolo. These beautiful beaches offer some of most glorious sunset views in and around Lima.


Catching the sunset in Lima is perhaps one of the simplest activities you can enjoy while visiting Peru, yet one of the most satisfying. Thanks to Lima’s geographical location, the nightly show is often quite spectacular (and totally free!) especially with the interplay of sun, sky, and water over the vast Pacific Ocean.

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