Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon Jungle is the largest tropical forest in the world. Its six million kilometers span 8 countries, with the Peruvian Amazon and the Brazilian Amazon being the largest sections. It is also home to the planet’s greatest biodiversity, making it an ideal tourism destination for nature lovers. On your journey to this natural wonder, here’s a few things worth knowing about the Peruvian Amazon:

The Amazon Rainforest Is the World’s Drugstore

Almost 25% of all existing medications are sourced in the Amazon, thanks to the forest’s vast variety of medicinal plants. Furthermore, scientists have only scraped the surface in discovering the medicinal plants and properties available in the Amazon. Today, only about 1% of tropical vegetation is used in the manufacturing of medication.

The Peruvian Amazon Is the Largest Source of Oxygen on the Planet

About 20% of the planet’s total oxygen supply comes from the Amazon Jungle. It is for this reason that is commonly referred to as “The Lungs of the World.”

The Amazon Is Also a Fresh Water Generator

The Amazon provides 20% of the planet’s total fresh water supply. It is only surpassed by Antarctica  at 70%. This is due to the constant rainfall that occurs in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Is a Natural Paradise

Despite the Amazon River’s 6,400 kilometer reach (the longest in the world), there are no man-made bridges that cross it at any point. Additionally, there are 50 known tribes, and many more to be discovered, that have had zero contact with civilization.

Diversity of Fruits and Vegetables

The Amazon Jungle has about 3,000 edible fruits, 1,500 of which are known to be consumed by the natives of the Amazon. On the other hand, only 200 varieties have been cultivated.

The Amazon Rainforest and Its Thicket

Due to the large size of the trees and the thick vegetation there are certain regions of the Amazon in which no light reaches the ground. This creates places where it’s impossible to see the light of day. Additionally, it is said that rain can take up to 10 minutes to reach the ground due to the enormously thick vegetation.


Despite the many  years that the Peruvian Jungle has been in the spotlight of the world, it is incredible to know that mysteries still exist within it. Knowing this, it’s important to keep in mind the enormous importance of the Amazon so that we not only enjoy its beautiful depths but also take care of them too. For Peruvian Amazon trip prices, please contact us.

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