Pachacamac: Lima’s Capital of Pre-Inca Culture and Mountain Bike Adventure

Located just a 30-minute drive south of Lima, a visit to Pachacamac is as easy as Lima day trips come. Home to one of the central Peruvian coast’s most important religious complexes and miles of scenic mountain bike trails, there is no reason not to pencil in a quick trip during your Peru adventure tour. In this blog post, we paint a picture of what to expect if you do make the trip to Pachacamac.

The Temple of Pachacamac is 600 Hectares of 200 BC-built History

Spread out over a plot of land equivalent in size to roughly 600 regulation rugby pitches, this massive pre-Inca religious complex of mud brick pyramids and temples stands in sharp contrast to the lush, green countryside that surrounds it. Its foundations were laid by the Lima culture in 200 B.C., then expanded upon by the Wari culture in 650, the Yschma culture in 1100, and finally the Inca culture in 1470. Its impressive lineage and careful preservation as it passed hands speaks to just how important the site was to Peru’s ancient cultures. It served as the temple for worshipping and connecting to the god who created the world, also known as Pachacamac.

If traveling to Pachacamac as part of Explorandes’ Cultural Immersion tour, you’ll follow up your tour of the Pachacamac ruins with another historic and cultural experience – a traditional Paso horse show while dining on the region’s classic (and delicious) criolle cuisine.

Pachacamac’s Mountain Bike Trails are a Leisure Cyclist’s Dream

If you’re like us, exploring ancient ruins is best when complemented by an activity that gets the adrenaline pumping and the body moving. Fortunately, Pachacamac makes that easy to do with its endless mountain bike trails through rolling countryside and breathtaking river valleys. There’s even a natural spring, called the Fountain of Youth, where you can fill up your water bottle and cool off. Most Pachacamac mountain biking itineraries begin in the highlands of Cieneguilla and finish in the Pachacamac coastal valley with nothing but magnificent river-fed gardens, crop-strewn valleys, and a smattering of smaller ancient archaeological sites to capture your attention throughout the entire two-wheeled journey.

On Explorandes’ full-day Pachacamac mountain biking adventure, there’s even a gourmet traditional lunch waiting for you at the “finish line.”


Has Pachacamac Peaked Your Interest?

Get in touch with us today for more information about Pachacamac, how to tour its remarkable ruins, and why its spectacular mountain bike trails are a can’t-miss Peru adventure.

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