How To Visit Rainbow Mountain in Peru

The Rainbow Mountains’ colorfully striped ridge top has been luring adventure travelers to its heights since whispers of its existence first began circulating in 2013. The result of centuries of plate movements and erosion, Rainbow Mountain is quite literally a mountain of multi-color. At its 5,200-meter summit lay stunning shades of turquoise, lavender, red-violet, gold, and terra cotta caked into the earth in vertical layers. Depending on how much time you have for a Rainbow Mountain trek, there’s more than one way to pay a visit to this famous peak during your Peru tour. Here, we share four options based on the length of time you have to experience it.

If you have just 1 day for Rainbow Mountain…

Do the Rainbow Mountain Day Tour. Leaving from Cusco in the early morning, the day tour packs in a few other adventures en route to the Rainbow Mountains, including a visit to the local market in Urcos and a chance to see the colonial bridge and Church of the Immaculate Conception in Checacupe. The Rainbow Mountain hike itself takes about 4.5 hours (10 kilometers of trekking) roundtrip from the trailhead in Pampachiri. This is an excellent and well-organized option if you only have one day to devote to a Rainbow Mountain tour.

If you have two days…

Now if you’re working with two days for a visit to Rainbow Mountain, you have a bit more time to enjoy some of the nature and culture surrounding the Rainbow Mountains. Consider pairing your Rainbow Mountain hike with a river rafting experience down the Urubamba River or enjoy the string of baroque churches that grace the landscape en route to Rainbow Mountain’s foothills. If you’re traveling with Explorandes, we have programs that blend each of these two options into your Rainbow Mountain Trek experience that include an overnight stay at a cozy valley lodge.

If you have five days…

For those of you who have the time in your Peru vacation to invest in a five-day/four-night trek, allow us to introduce you to the Ausangate Trek. This greater hike includes the ascent to Rainbow Mountain’s candy-striped peak, plus a few other Andean treasures. The route takes you past turquoise lagoons, through rolling farmland, and up and over passes you’ll never erase from your memory. In total, you’ll traverse 62 scenic kilometers (39 miles), starting in Yanama and finishing in Pacchanta with more than a few nights of camping under the stars in between.

Book Your Rainbow Mountain Trek with Explorandes

Whether you squeeze it into a day tour, combine it with other Andean adventures, or savor the journey by tackling the Ausangate Trek, Peru’s Rainbow Mountains are a must-see. Entrust Explorandes with your Rainbow Mountain experience. Contact us today for more information about any of our Rainbow Mountain tours.

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