A Perfect Day in the Sacred Valley

After years of research, we have found THE perfect way to spend a day in the Sacred Valley of Peru. During this cultural and culinary excursion, you will learn about ancient to modern farming techniques and indulge in flavorful local cuisine. Take in the stunning nature as we drive through the world-famous Sacred Valley and Andes Mountains.
After being picked up from our hotels, we begin the day by exploring the Agricultural Laboratory of Moray and learn about the impressive ancient farming methods. This archaeological site is outside the town of Maras. Walk around the natural hollows in the Earth’s surface and to better understand how these terraced farms have a unique way of creating different microclimates, varying as much as 15°C (59°F) from the top to the bottom! Be in awe at how nature and ancient members of this community worked together to create and sustain these terraced farms so that a plethora of crops could thrive.
Following our trip to Moray, we will continue to Maras. One of the most unique experiences in Peru, these famous “salt pans” are unlike anything you’ve ever see. A salty flow of water outpours from the mountain and fills these terraced pans. The salt ponds are still run entirely by local families today. Mozy around and learn how they collect the saltwater, dry it and harvest it as solid salt. After the solid salt is granulated, it is packed in large sacks and sent to the markets all over the region and even throughout the world. The unique and beautiful muted colors of the salt terraces is an image you will remember forever.
After we marvel at these two sites, we continue to lunch where we will enjoy traditional culinary experience complete with the stunning backdrop of Piuray Lake. In a private area on the shore of the lake, there will be a feast awaiting us. Choose between a picnic-style lunch or Pachamanca, both featuring local cuisine.
For the picnic lunch, enjoy dishes cooked with all local ingredients: corn soup, quinoa quiche, wine, fruits, and carrot cake. The other option is a spread called Pachamanca, a traditional Peruvian mixed dish of pork, chicken, lamb, and cuy. Cuy, known to most of us as guinea pig, is prepared with fava beans and potatoes in a marinate of herbal chicha de jora on hot stones under the ground. This preparation is the traditional way to cook cuy, and a special opportunity as cuy is a delicacy and an important item to try if you’re looking for a real, authentic experience in Peru. Whichever style of lunch you decide on, your tastebuds will be jumping for joy.
Following lunch, you can enjoy some time by the lake. Take a siesta near the shore or get active with some watersports! Either way, you will enjoy taking in the Andean landscape, surrounded by mountains and farmlands, and guarded by the snowcapped mountain of La Veronica.
What are you waiting for, grab your family and come join us for the perfect day of culture and culinary exploring! Contact our team members now.
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