Typical Peruvian Foods to Try on Your Visit to Peru

Peru is an incredible land full of diverse attractions; from world-class trekking routes to fun adventure sports and a wide range cultural activities to enjoy in-between, you will never find yourself bored while visiting! But for one of the most enjoyable, and possibly most adventurous, experiences you can partake in look no further than the dining table!

Peruvian food is just as tempting for tourists as any trek, ancient ruin or colonial city. Furthermore, discover how the ingredients and flavors shift at each destination, whether you are at Machu Picchu after a four-day trek on the Inca Trail or at Lake Titicaca in Puno. Feast your eyes below, as we share some of the must-try Peruvian dishes during your next visit to Peru.

Aji de Gallina, One of the Best Known Peruvian Dishes

Aji de Gallina is prepared with thin strips of tender boiled chicken served with a creamy yellow pepper sauce. The flavor is mild with a slight spicy note to it. Alongside you will often be served with some potato and a boiled egg, and walnuts in more fancy restaurants. This dish is especially famous on the coast of Peru.

Anticuchos, a Lesser Known Favorite

Anticuchos are more known as a traditional Peruvian street food, commonly sold from street vendors. Made from skewers of beef heart seasoned with various Peruvian spices such as: chili, oregano, pepper and cumin. They usually come with corn or potato. 

Ceviche, the King of Peruvian Cuisine

Arguably the most famous (and delicious) of Peruvian gastronomy is the one and only Ceviche. Perhaps the most recognized representation of Peruvian cuisine thanks to its simple preparation, and delightful taste! This flagship dish of Peru can be found around the world, however, the best ceviche you’ll ever taste will be right here in Peru – especially fresh in the costal regions! Prepared with bite-size pieces of white fish, marinated in spicy lime juice, often served with raw onions, boiled sweet potatoes (camote) and toasted corn (cancha). We recommend you try the Ceviche of grouper and sole, two typical fish of the region.

Cuy Frito, a Mysterious Andean Food

A traditional dish of the high sierra region of Peru, Cuy Frito is essentially fried guinea pig. A delicacy of the region, and prepared with care, but don’t be surprised when the dish arrives as a full guinea pig in tact. The taste is similar to any meat, except apparently more nutritious.


Lomo Saltado, a Representative of Peruvian Culture

The renown fusion dish comes from Peru’s Asian-Peruvian culture. The dish is composed of sliced beef tenderloin, friend onion, garlic and green pepper, parsley and cumin, and comes served with white rice and/or French fries made from Peru’s world famous Andean potatoes.


Peruvian cuisine is recognized and celebrated around the world. On your visit to Peru, be sure to sample all of these tasty Peruvian dishes and discover how the cultures love for their produce and cooking shines through each bite. For recommendations on where to enjoy each of these dishes during your Peru vacation, contact us today.


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