4 Water Adventures in Cusco

The possibility for adventure in Cusco is high, with its mountain setting and endless Inca trails, but did you know this inland local also offers the possibility for water-based adventure too? Nestled within the Andean scenery are roaring rivers and glistening lakes tempting all water sport enthusiasts to hop right in. In this blog post, we share four wet and wonderful adventures in Cusco that can be tacked on to any Peru travel experience.

1. Rafting

The Cusco region has multiple raft-worthy spots, including the world-class rapids of the Apurimac River in the Black Canyon. Navigate the patches of Class III and IV rapids and enjoy the river’s calmer stretches as you float past waterfalls and colonial era bridges over the course of two days.

2. Kayaking

Surrounded by scenery so stunning, you’ll have to swap paddling for pinching yourself. Lake Piuray, located a 40 minutes’ drive from Cusco, is a kayaker’s dream. The lake is not only picturesque, but absolutely massive, leaving you with plenty to take in as you kayak its every corner.

3. Stand-up Paddle (SUP) Boarding

Also on Lake Piuray, you can try your hand at another one of Cusco’s water adventures – stand-up paddle boarding. With the reflection of the sky on the lake and the snow-capped peaks of the Andes skirting the periphery, it’s a seriously scenic and beginner-friendly spot to practice this water sport.

4. SUP Yoga

Truly test your balance with a SUP Yoga excursion at Lake Piuray. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the scenery while stretching your sore muscles after days of adventure tours through Peru, not to mention it’s an unforgettable experience going through the asanas on a moving surface!

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