Travel to Cusco: 3 reasons why travelling in November is an excellent idea

So you’ll travel to Cusco in November? Most of our travelers have doubts about going to Cusco during this month, mostly because it marks the beginning of the rainy season (which is springtime in the southern hemisphere) and they don’t know much about what Cusco has to offer during the low season.

1) There is nothing like getting into the mountains and seeing them GREEN

getting mountains travelling cusco

November is the perfect month where the rains starts and the mountains get much more lush and green than during the dry season. If you are a fan of watching nature full of life and diversity it’s the perfect time for you.

2) Avoid the crowds


Even though October is the second most visited month in Cusco, November is almost always less busy. This is a great opportunity because as we just mentioned, November isn’t a really wet month and there is nothing like enjoying the tours without big crowds or heavy rains so you can take your time to enjoy this unique experience of a lifetime (we know you don’t travel to Perú that often) and have the time, space and perfect conditions to take the best pictures.

3) The best guides and hotels are available (and with discounted prices)

As November is during low season, finding our top guides is much easier than in other popular months. Also, there are more options for hotels to choose from, and the prices are cheaper.


best hotels available tours cusco

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