Everything You Need to Know About a Trek Through the Huayhuash

Thanks to its vast expanse and many landscapes, the Huayhuash Mountain Range contains some of the world’s best mountain trekking circuits. This attractive range is located in the Andes, south of the well-known Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains and home of Huascarán). With an extension of about 30 kilometers over a compact group of snow-covered mountains, the Huayhuash are surrounded by a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Learn more about the Huayhaush Mountains and what you need to know before venturing into them.

Activities in Huayhuash

The Huayhuash Mountains contain some of the most beautiful trekking routes in the world in their 30 kilometer expanse. There, you can enjoy a variety of landscapes of all kinds, from multi-colored lakes, crystalline water sources, and deep snow-covered trails. The traditional trek is about 12 days long, much longer than the Inca Trail of 5 days. Given most tourists don’t have 12 days to devote to a trek many trails and routes have been cut to shorten the trek.

Something to consider when thinking about doing this trek is that the mountains are extremely steep and thus climbing will be a part of the experience. Also possible in the Huayhuash is fishing. There are plenty of trout in the mountain lakes.

Scaling Experience

As we already mentioned, in order to reach many of the Huayhuash summits you’ll need to tap into your mountaineering experience (and experience is required). Additionally, the height of the peaks can be difficult for some. To give you an idea of the altitudes you can reach in the Huayhuash:

  • Pumarini is at 5,465 m.a.s.l.
  • Diablo Mudo is at 5,350 m.a.s.l.
  • León Huaqanan is at 5,420 m.a.s.l.

Best Time to Travel Based on Climate

The best time to trek in the Huayhuash Range is during what is known as the “Andean Summer.” This occurs between the months of April through September. The worst time to go is during the months of October through March when it’s the Andean rainy season.

The Huayhuash Mountains and trekking circuits are a trekking lovers dream. They’ll challenge you and make for an adventure you’ll never forget. Don’t miss out. For more information about the treks available in the Huayhuash Mountain Range, reach out to an Explorandes Travel Specialist.

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