Camping in Comfort on a Multi-Day Trek in Peru

[:en]At Explorandes, we’re careful when we throw around the term “luxury travel” to describe our treks and tours. Why? Because the term luxury travel often evokes an image of 5-star hotels and 1,000-thread count sheets. That may sound perfectly nice for your few days visit to Lima but when you’re considering a trek through the Peruvian Andes this image is a sharp contrast to the rugged terrain reality of a multi-day trek through the highlands. Also the term “luxury travel” can be misleading when what we offer is actually comfort at whatever level you desire, from basic comforts like a hot shower and separate toilet tent to full-on luxury with a personal masseuse, mattress and pillow in your tent, and chef-prepared meals. Without detracting from the authentically real experience of embarking on a multi-day camping adventure, our aim is to add personalized touches of comfort to your journey that serve to enhance the camping experience for you and to make sure your trek is as wrinkle-free as possible.

How do we ensure your comfort on the trail?

Sleep, sustenance, and soreness can seriously make or break your trekking experience, especially when you’re putting your body through something as ambitious as a multi-day trek through the high altitudes and passes of the Peruvian highlands. That’s why we make it our priority to nip an enjoyable trek’s greatest threats in the bud before they even happen. How?


Without a restful night’s sleep, you can’t awake refreshed and energized for the next day’s mileage. Depending on how rugged you’d like your experience to be, we provide everything from comfortable therm-a-rest sleeping pads to extra thick deluxe mattresses, spacious Big Agnes tents complete with rugs on the floor and live eucalyptus to standard-size basic tents fit for the variable mountain weather, as well as Big Agnes thermal down sleeping bags and feathered pillows at the most comfortable level.


Nutrition is probably one of the most crucial aspects of trekking. If you’re not eating and refueling correctly, your body can quit on you before the trek is even over. Carbs and potassium-rich food will be your best friend on the trail. We provide healthy meals and snacks that will restore your muscles, replenish your electrolytes, and balance your salt intake. For those trekkers looking to add even more comfort to their trek, we can send along a local chef to prepare all of your meals. It’ll feel like a five-star restaurant has dropped into your dining tent. Peru’s renowned gastronomy will follow you on the trail.


There’s no avoiding it. Your muscles will ache as you push them to new extremes. On our comfort treks, a masseuse will be on hand to work out those sore muscles at any point whether that is first thing in the morning or as soon as you arrive at camp. A masseuse can speed up the process of restoring and recovering your muscles for a more comfortable hike ahead.

This is Customized Comfort Trekking

Our priority is to make your once-in-a-lifetime Peru trekking experience as comfortable as you desire without entirely disconnecting you from the awe-inspiring natural environment of the trail. Whether you prefer our most basic level of comfort or pure camping luxury, we guarantee you’ll be well-fed, well-rested, and well taken care of.

Take a look at our trek offerings and get in touch with one of our travel specialists to begin customizing your Peru multi-day trekking experience.


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