Why is travelling alone a unique lifetime experience?

Imagine that you’re sitting in your office with tons of work stacked up and you realize that you haven’t taken a vacation in more than a year! Your adventurer’s soul is getting desperate and your desire to get out of the city and your job gets bigger and bigger….. It’s time to travel!!

You take out your cellphone and you text your group of friends with which you have similar tastes and who are always willing to take an adventure with you, but you soon realize that some don’t have time to take off, others have their vacation planned already and if you want to take a vacation with them it will probably be in a year or more!

That’s when you begin to think, is it necessary to travel with friends? Would it be a good idea to plan a trip alone? Will it be worth not sharing this experience with someone you trust? Will I meet interesting people?

The answers to your questions will depend on the type of trip you want to make, in our opinion, the best thing you can do is choose a destination that you have never traveled to and generate a lot of curiosity, and join tours of fixed departures with the type of activities you are looking for (expedition, extreme sports, culture, etc.) to ensure that you will find a group of people with your same plan and not have to worry about filling a quorum or defining a date.

Travel alone, you will always have reasons to make friends.

On a fixed departure you will find people traveling in small groups or alone, with our more than 45 years of experience we can say that it is impossible not to make friends in one of these tours and this is due to the fact that on adventure trips there are always situations that bring the group closer, such as the moments of heavy tiredness in the first days of trekking at altitude or the moments of satisfaction at having reached the highest peak of the mountain, in those moments the true friendships are seen and developed, those with which, despite the distance and time, you will always have an anecdote to remember.

Disconnect from the everyday to connect with yourself.

If what you need is to disconnect, do it completely, give yourself a time to leave your comfort zone, away from your friends, family, work and any connection that may interrupt the time you need for you. There is no better place to reconnect with yourself than nature, where Wi-Fi and calls are naturally blocked, and the trees, sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes will take over your mind.

Overcome your fears.

The first step is always the most difficult, make the decision and jump into the pool. Once you decide the destination and tour to take, everything else will naturally fall into place and you will realize that you are more prepared than you thought. Let yourself go and trust your instinct, you’ll have to worry about just packing your suitcase and arriving early at the airport, we’ll take care of the rest of the logistics.

Do you dare to take the leap of faith?

We invite you to visit our section of fixed departures where you can find the different types of tours, destinations and the availability of available dates.

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