Trekking in Huaraz

[:en]For all those trek lovers out there who have already conquered the Inca Trail and the popular routes around Machu Picchu, look no further than Huaraz for your next adventure!

With the dry Cordillera Negra mountain range on one side and the Cordillera Blanca with its icy peaks on the other, Huaraz is a truly a hiking hub and a trekking lovers dream! Located in the Peruvian region of Ancash, bordering the Pacific Ocean just north of Lima, you will find this buzzing town, brimming with nature, snow-capped mountains, archeology and some of the best adventure Peru has to offer!

Huaraz is the capital of Ancash and its name comes from the Quechua word “Waraq”, meaning “sunrise”. As you will discover the sheer beauty the morning sun brings as it peeks over the horizon and lights up the landscapes each day, it is really no surprise the native inhabitants chose such a name!

Choose The Trek for You

For those wanting to dive deep into the rich history and culture of Huaraz, look no further than a guided hike to the pre-Inca ruins of Chavin, and discover a world of knowledge about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the other hand, if you are looking to immerse yourself with nature and connect to this incredible land, the trek to Laguna 69 high up in the Peruvian Andes, would be perfect for you. Embark upon a full day trek through some of the most stunning terrains, jagged cliff faces, trickling waterfalls, and the most rewarding peak destination as you reach the breathtaking turquoise lake nestled in-between these snowy mountain ranges.

Don’t Forget Those Layers

No matter how brilliant the sun is shining above you, temperatures will always be cold as you hike interchangeably between the rays and shadows. Plus, the different altitudes and ecosystems can create many atmospheres during your hike; one minute you could feel hot and slightly humid, while the next very dry and cold. For this reason, try to bring layers of clothes but particularly ones that will shelter you and include caps and gloves. It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared, so think ahead!

Keep an Eye on the Season

If you are planning to travel to Huaraz in February or March, you may want to reconsider the time of year, unless you enjoy very heavy rain that is! Instead, the best time of year to plan your visit is between May and September when the weather much more stable with many glorious nature displays and will result in an overall fantastic adventure!

What to Bring?

If you have already done the Inca Trail or a trek through Machu Picchu, you would have a pretty solid understand of which trekking essentials are not to be missed. However, there are a few pivotal elements we strongly recommend to be remembered, other than the standard packing list with clothing, hiking shoes, sunscreen, snacks etc. Water is essential (of course!), to stay hydrated and full of energy especially on long walks. Lip Balm is also highly suggested to prevent the harsh weather from damaging the delicate skin and hurting your lips. And of course a camera, for capturing those moments you wish to keep long after you have soaked up the stunning scenery and the adventure has ended.

Huaraz is indeed a haven for hikers, nature lovers, culture vultures and all those in-between! For more information about our tours and treks in Huaraz please reach out to one of our travel specialists for more information.[:es]Si ya has hecho treking en Machu Picchu y ya te sabes de memoria el recorrido del Camino del Inca, ¡no te preocupes! Hay muchos otros destinos turísticos de Perú en los que puedes hacer treking. Por ejemplo: Huaraz. Es la capital de Áncash y su nombre proviene del quechua “Waraq”, que significa amanecer. Probablemente, esa sea la razón de los bellos paisajes que verás cuando vengas a Perú y elijas hacer treking en Huaraz.

¡Te damos algunas recomendaciones!

Elige el treking de acuerdo a lo que buscas

Si buscas caminar y aprender mucho más sobre la cultura que Huaraz vio nacer, elige la caminata hasta Chavín. Por otro lado, si buscas una conexión con la naturaleza y la madre tierra, puedes elegir hacer trekking hasta la Laguna 69, dura de 6 a 7 horas aproximadamente, considerando la ida y el regreso.

Lleva abrigo

Por más que salga el sol, las temperaturas siempre serán frías. Por eso, procura llevar ropa que abrigue, gorros y guantes. Es mejor que tengas todo eso a que te falte y estés con frío durante la caminata.

Elige la mejor época

Si planea viajar a Huaraz en febrero o marzo, déjame decirte que, a menos que disfrutes de las intensas lluvias, es mejor que no lo hagas. En cambio, planea tu viaje entre mayo y setiembre, cuando ya el clima está un poco más estable entre calor y frío.

¿Qué llevar?

Si ya hiciste e Camino de Inca o treking por Machu Picchu, ya sabes qué elementos no te deben faltar. En todo caso, te los mencionamos. Las botellas con agua son esenciales, en Huaraz debido al clima se enfriarán, pero hidratarte es importante sobre todo si es una larga caminata. Por otro lado, siempre tienes que llevar un bálsamo para labios, así evitarás que los frío los dañe y tengas alguna herida. ¡Y trae una cámara para que tomes muchas fotos!

Esas son algunas recomendaciones para hacer treking en Huaraz, ¿tienes alguna más?[:]

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