Traveling With Children to Peru

There is nothing that brings a family closer together than experiencing the wonders of Peru’s vibrant cultures and nature together as a team. Bringing children to Peru exposes them to life on a new level. They see firsthand that there are other ways of life, and are exposed to different cultures, different languages, different ways of dressing, music, art: the list goes on and on. Traveling to Peru with kids provides the kind of education and life lessons that can’t be found in books. 

In short, bringing your kids on a family trip to Peru will expand their world. Peru has great infrastructure for tourists and is replete with nature, sports, hands-on and cultural activities that will delight kids. Although accidents can happen anywhere, it’s a safe country to travel in, and tourist police are responsive to problems that may arise. Children are treasured in Peru, so having your kids with you will be a great conversation starter, and a real “in” when getting to know the locals. 

Here are some tips to consider before you go: 

  • Read about Peru with your kids; there are lovely picture books and more advanced books available that will give your kids an idea of Peru’s diverse cultures and lifestyles 
  • Study a bit of basic Spanish and Quechua with your children 
  • Investigate the people, culture, and activities before you go to prepare them a bit for what they will encounter 

Some things to be aware of when bringing kids to Peru: 

  • Make sure they have the recommended immunizations, information is available at website. 
  • Work directly with a reputable company in Peru: they know the places and activities firsthand 
  • Purchase good travel insurance 
  • Consult Trip Advisor and other travel websites that offer information on Peru and Traveling with Children 

About food: Although Peru is known for its wide and varied gastronomy, restaurants and hotels will understand the requirement for kid-friendly meals. Since plain roasted chicken, potatoes, rice, and fresh fruits and vegetables are emphasized, there should be no issue with finding palatable foods for children’s sometimes plainer tastes. 

Here are some activities we recommend to participate in with your children, grouped by region: 


Paragliding– Who wouldn’t enjoy sailing in the air over gorgeous coastal cliffs and cityscapes? All preliminary paragliding lessons will be in tandem: your child will be attached to an experienced instructor on his or her flight. Paratrike (a motorized paraglider) is also an option when there is little wind. Check with your travel company for age limits. 

Circuito Mágico del Agua (Magic Water Circuit) – Nighttime activity in Lima featuring colorful and creative water fountains, some of which are interactive (you and the kiddos might get wet!) 

Surf Lessons (Costa Verde)- Peru has produced some world-class surfers and Lima’s beaches are ideal for beginners learning to catch a wave. Qualified instructors will show your kids the ropes. 

Cooking Class (Urban Kitchen)- Enjoy quality time with your kids as you learn to prepare traditional Peruvian fare in a congenial and lively setting 

Islas San Lorenzo (Swimming with Sea Lions) – An unforgettable nature experience, curious and friendly sea lions seem to enjoy interacting with humans in the water. Your kids will have a blast!

Cusco/ Sacred Valley 

Ceramics Workshop at Totemiq – Families can create their own hand-painted art souvenirs while learning basic pottery techniques from a skilled artist. 

Choco Museo Chocolate Workshop – Kids and their families can learn to prepare their own chocolate treat “from bean to bar” in this fascinating workshop that will delight and surprise them as they learn where chocolate comes from. 

Temple of the Moon + Eucalyptus Forest + Sacsayhuaman– This ideal family hike takes you to the hills above Cusco where you can explore its surrounding ruins, including Temple of the Moon, the Monkey Temple, and Sacsayhuaman, with its special natural “slide” that kids love to glide down. 

Farm to Table (Lamay)- In this highly educational and fun experience for kids and families, kids will learn where food comes from and participate in the creation of a colorful, organic meal from the field to the table. 

Standup Paddle/ Kayak at Piuray – The recreational center at Piuray in the Sacred Valley near Cusco offers great family activities including kayaking and standup paddleboarding on a beautiful lake replete with birdlife. There is an option to experience a traditional Peruvian Pachamanca, a feast cooked with hot stones underground. 

Zipline and Via Ferrata – Adventurous families will enjoy experiencing this safe type of rock-climbing along a route equipped with pre-set cables. Climb 300 meters along the “via ferrata” and then descend rapidly along a zipline, soaring over the Sacred Valley with great views of mountains and sky! 

Cycling (Maras/Moray) –Explore part of the beautiful Sacred Valley on a family bike tour to the Salt Ponds of Maras, where salt has been harvested for centuries. Continue to Moray, whose descending spiral terraces constitute one of the first experimental plant laboratories on earth! 


Ballestas Islands – A family excursion by boat out to the islands will delight nature lovers, as here they can see a plethora of fauna including Humboldt Penguins, Sea lions, Seals, and many varieties of Seabirds, creating a cacophony of sound. 

Cycling in Paracas –A family cycling adventure will take you through terrain of sand, sun, and surf in the Paracas National Reserve. Starting early to avoid the harshest sunlight, your excursion will bring you through stunning desert scenery alongside the surf, ideal for dipping your toes in to cool off. 

Kayaking/ Canoeing – Does your family love water sports? Paracas Bay is a great place for a Peru family kayaking or canoeing adventure, especially in the morning before the winds come up.  

Sandboarding (Huacachina) – Some of the largest sand dunes anywhere lend themselves to a relatively recently invented sport of Sandboarding- much like snowboarding but not as cold! 


Mancora, in northern Peru, boasts the only warm water break in the country, making it a haven for surfers. Here families will encounter gentler waves where beginners can take lessons as well as larger swells that will suit experienced surfers.  

Amazon Rainforest 

Peru family trip to the Amazon will amaze and delight kids and adults alike 

Night walk– A night walk through the jungle will turn up a myriad of creatures, some of which are found by the shining of their eyes in the dark. Night monkeys, giant spiders, poison dart frogs, caiman, tarantulas, and other creatures may all be found in the gloom of night with a bit of luck and a flashlight.  

Manatee Rescue Center– This is a great experience for kids and adults, where you can learn about manatees and other rescued animals of the rainforest The chance to feed these gentle, comical-looking creatures is something kids won’t want to miss.  

Pink Dolphins– An excursion by boat will take your family to the confluence of rivers, rich feeding grounds for the gorgeous Pink River Dolphin, and yes, they are really pink; some are even bright magenta! These seemingly surreal creatures are at the center of many jungle legends and stories and are much revered by local communities. Seeing one is an unforgettable experience.  


A family journey to sacred Lake Titicaca and then by boat to the islands of Taquile, Amantaní, and the Floating Islands of Uros will expose your children to fascinating lifestyles and cultures very different from their own. Of special interest to children are the floating manmade islands. Made of totora reeds, they have to be constantly replenished to maintain their structural integrity; plus totora reeds are used in almost every aspect of the islanders’ lives.  

Peru family adventure will delight and educate both you and your kids, and create unforgettable family memories that you will look back on for years to come.  We can help you to create an itinerary full of the exciting cultural, sport, and nature activities that can only be found in amazing Peru! 

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