Tourism in Peru: 3 Unknown Tours of Lake Titicaca

Did you know Lake Titicaca is the 3rd most visited destination in Peru? And for good reason too. Not only is Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world but it contains a host of tourist activities to enjoy while there. Learn more below.

Floating Islands of the Uros

This is a tourist activity that can’t be missed during your visit to Lake Titicaca. The community of natives that inhabit these floating Uros islands are to this day preserving and practicing ancient Inca customs. During a tour to these unique islands, you’ll have the opportunity to accompany the natives in their daily activities like fishing and weaving.

The Other Inca Trail

There’s a good chance you didn’t realize that you can trek to Machu Picchu from Puno. It’s true. From Puno, you can take to any one of the 10 to 14 routes that make up the ancient Inca trail system known as Qhapaq Ñan. It’s an entirely different experience than the traditional Inca Trail route that runs from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

Rural Trekking

Along the shores of Lake Titicaca, you’ll find a number of small towns. Many of these towns still maintain the customs of the Incas. Additionally, there’s great biodiversity along the shores of this massive lake. 49% of alpacas, 32% of sheep, 29% of llamas, and 10% of cattle in Peru occupy the land around Lake Titicaca. This makes for a true zoo-like feel to your visit to Lake Titicaca and a reason to trek the area.

For those of you who are up for adventure and a unique trek, Lake Titicaca is a great place to visit. To include Lake Titicaca on your Peru itinerary, contact one of our Explorandes Travel Specialists today.

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