The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Lima

Lima is a gastronomic destination and a foodie heaven. Thankfully vegetarians are not excluded from the conversation, the days of few vegetarian options in Lima are long gone. Now filled with vegetarian restaurants that includes in their menu a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables that can only be found in the Andes and the Amazon. The different ecosystems for produce makes it an incredible destination for veggie lovers. We have gathered some of our favorite vegetarian restaurants where color, flavor and animal friendly options are abundant. 


Raw Cafe 

This raw vegan cuisine cafe is a huge success with vegans and meat eaters alike because of how great and healthy the food is. They have already opened four locations and plan for more. Their new restaurant in the restaurant packed street “La Mar” in Miraflores is super stylish and serves their popular seed-based pizzas, vegan bowls, kombucha and wraps. The desserts are one of the main attractions for many: raw Cheesecakes, vegan “snickers” bar, Quinoa waffles and Peruvian fruit mousse are just a few examples.

Las Vecinas EcoBar 

This eco-friendly and welcoming restaurant in the heart of Barranco offers beautiful, organic meals made with seasonal ingredients. They are well known for their breakfast menu as well as their super popular Quinoa Burger called “La Preferida” (The favorite). They have used beautifully refurbished and recycled furniture in accordance with their eco-friendly style to decorate the colonial house that also features a vintage clothing store and a small library. 

Give their extensive menu and cool location a try when you visit the artsy Barranco.

Veda Restaurante 

If you love Pizza (who doesn’t?) this is your place for incredible gluten-free vegan pizza. Cashew “cheese” topping and crusts using yuca, almonds, and fermented yuca flour result in a tasty and crunchy finish. Besides pizza they have an extensive vegan menu free of gluten, dairy, and sugar. Their mushroom ceviche is a must! They have great outdoor seating filled with plants and bamboo decor where you can enjoy one of their popular dairy free ice cream flavors.

El Jardin de Jazmin 

This vegetarian restaurant in central Miraflores is filled with colorful murals, decorated with artisan crafts and boasts a fun menu of western and Latin fusion dishes. An example is their famous Happy Meal: black bean nuggets topped with guacamole and served with a side of potatoes with fine herbs. You will also find Quinoa burgers, tacos and sandwiches and a great selection of craft beers. Not only does it have great food but this “Vegan resto-bar for art and culture” often hosts cultural events and live music on the weekends. 

Armonica Cafe 

They began as a small cafe on La Mar and have now opened a new large and nature inspired decorated restaurant (they even have a tree inside) just further up the street. Not entirely vegetarian but they offer plenty of vegetarian salads and main dishes such as quinoa burgers and pasta dishes.  

Dairy and gluten are avoided, but flavor is not. The desserts are stellar: multi-layered chocolate cake baked with quinoa flour, gluten-free waffles topped with vegan ice cream and chocolate cookie crumbles, quinoa brownies and unrefined sugar apple crumble are a few that come to mind. Indulge in these incredible desserts in a beautiful setting.

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