6 Key Reasons To Visit Puno This Year!

[:en]Resting upon the shores of Lake Titicaca in southeastern region of Peru, you will find the spectacular port city of Puno. Known as the folkloric capital, the town and its people still carry many traditional beliefs, community stories and customs down through the generations by word of mouth. Discover why this town not only has some of the oldest traditions and lifestyles of the Country, but some of the most impressive landscapes and sites to see too. A trip to Puno is a must do during your visit this year to Peru.


Lake Titicaca

A trip to Puno wouldn’t be complete without a tour across the famous Lake Titicaca; one of South America’s largest lakes, and the worlds highest navigable body of water. It will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life. Straddling the Peruvian and Bolivian boarder, nestled high up in the Andes Mountains, this lake with its floating islands is considered a very precious and spectacular National Reserve. With numerous ruins, rare aquatic wildlife, ancestral communities and incredible scenery this astonishing lake is brimming with must-see sights and experiences to discover.


The Uros Islands

Made up from 40 of the most unique self-fashioned floating islets are the Uros Islands. They form three main groups: Uru-Chipayas, Uru-Muratos and the Uru-Iruitos. Inhabited by the indigenous people of Uros who keep up the folkloric community culture alive in the region with traditional customs, crafts and trade. The Uros people make the islands themselves using bundles of dried reeds that grow on the lake. The smaller islands house two or three families, while the larger ones, can house up to ten. Get up close and personal with a Kayaking Tour across the lake!

Kuntur Waisi Viewpoint

The name comes from the Quechua word ‘Kuntur’, which means ‘Condor’ and ‘Waisi’, which means ‘house’. Kuntur Waisi meaning “The House of the Condor” is an archeological site with majestic sky high views over Puno and Lake Titicaca. The ruins belong to a religious center with stone sculptures and complex architecture. During your Puno visit, make your way to this renown viewpoint and see the incredible view through the eyes of the condor too.


On the western Titicaca shore, just south the city of Puno, you will find the village of Chucuito, know for its ancient Inca site the Temple of Fertility. Other than the intriguing rocks and legend, there are many more attractions to visit; like the solar clock, the stone pool and the church and the main square. Many visitors stay to enjoy the large religious ceremony in October.

The Chullpas of Sillustani

Built at the end of the Tiahunaco culture, on the shores of Lake Umayo, this pre-Incan cemetery is one of the largest and most imposing on the continent. It has 90 buildings that are considered funerary monuments. Many of the tombs have unfortunately fallen down and been dynamited by grave robbers, however others were left unfinished. Even so, it’s a fascinating spectacle to behold.


Puno has masses of beautiful, historic and breathtaking touristic destinations. If you want to have a really discover Puno and Lake Titicaca, let the Explorandes Team take you on an adventure like no other! Contact us today to find out more.[:es]Puno, la capital del folklore, la ciudad desde la que puedes contemplar el Lago Titicaca, uno de los paisajes más impresionantes del Perú. ¿Hace falta razones para convencerte de pasar por Puno cuando hagas turismo en Perú? Puedes te damos 6 motivos importantes para visitar Puno cuando hagas turismo en Perú.


El lago Titicaca

Un tour en el Lago Titicaca será una de las mejores experiencias de tu vida. Es el lago más famoso del país y es considerado una Reserva Nacional. Ver el paisaje vale la pena todo el trekking que haces para llegar.

Las islas de los Uros

Están conformadas por 40 islas flotantes a  base de totora y son los mismos descendientes de los Uros quienes las habitan. Es toda una experiencia conocer la cultura del pueblo. Podrás ver las artesanía que la comunidad hace, sus costumbres, cómo viven, etc. Además, si te gustan los deportes de aventura, puedes hacer kayak con tus amigos en estas islas flotantes.

Mirador del Kuntur Waisi

El nombre proviene de las palabras en quechua “Kuntur”, que significa “cóndo” y “Waisi”, que significa “casa, donde vive.” Entonces, Kuntur Waisi quiere decir “La casa del Cóndor”. La vista que te ofrece es majestuoso, tendrás a tus pies la ciudad de Puno y verás el Lago Titicaca a través de los ojos del cóndor.


Famosa por ser la Ciudad de las Cajas Reales,. Puedes visitar muchos atractivos que te dejarán sin aliento, como el reloj solar, la pileta de piedra, la iglesia de la Asunción, entre otros.  Incluso, en el mes de octubre se realiza una ceremonia religiosa que dura cinco días.

Las Chullpas de Sillustani


Construido a finales de la cultura Tiahunaco, este cementerio es uno de los más grandes e imponentes del continente. Posee 90 edificaciones que son consideradas monumentos funerarios. Cabe recalcar que sobrepasan los 12 metros de altura.


Puno tiene  bellos atractivos turísticos, si quieres vivir una experiencia inolvidable haciendo trekking en el Lago Titicaca, ¡contáctanos y descubre la verdadera aventura con Explorandes![:]

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