Peruvian Amazon: 6 Typical Dishes You Should Try

The Peruvian Amazon is a unique tourist destination in more ways than one: stunning landscapes, unparalleled biodiversity, and exceptional cuisine. The variety of native ingredients at your disposal make for some pretty interesting flavors and dishes. It’s a taste you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This is your guide to the dishes you absolutely must try while visiting the Peruvian Amazon:


Purtumute is a stew of black and white beans seasoned with coriander and cilantro. It’s simple but oh so tasty.

Tacacho con Cecina

The word tacacho comes from the Quechua word taku chu, which means crushed. Tacacho con Cecina is thus fried plantain crushed into the form of a ball and served alongside cecina, dehydrated and seasoned pork. This is one of the most popular dishes in not just the Peruvian Amazon but in all of Peruvian gastronomy.

Inchicapi de Gallina

This dish comes from Inca culture. Its name is derived from the Quechua word inchik-api, or peanut soup. Inchicapi de Gallina is thus a soup of chicken, peanuts, cornmeal, and other native jungle ingredients. The peanuts give this dish is a fairly thick texture and the combination of ingredients make for an intense flavor. Some variations of this dish include motelo, a tortoise native to the Amazon, instead of chicken.


Juane is a typical dish of the Peruvian Amazon, named after San Juan Bautista. On his day, June 24th, juane is consumed in celebration. The dish originated in the jungle city of Moyobamba however today, it is a staple across the rainforest. Travelers love its pleasant taste and practicality as it can be saved for days without issue.

Trucha Frita

Perhaps the most familiar of the Peruvian Amazon dishes, fried trout is a popular item on the menu in the Peruvian Amazon. They catch the trout right from the river, soak it in milk, then bake it in flour so that it becomes a golden brown and crunchy. It’s usually served with a side of cocona sauce, made from a fruit native to the rainforest, and accompanied by lemon and onion.


Of course, there are many reasons to visit the Peruvian Amazon but the unique local cuisine certainly stacks high on the list. The depth of flavor and ingredients make for an exciting food tasting adventure like you’ll have no where else in the world. For more information about tours to the Peruvian Amazon, please send us an email at

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