Ica’s Best Adrenaline Adventure Sports

Ica really has it all! Abundant gastronomy, delicious wines, incredible coastal landscapes, mountains of sand dunes, rich history and astonishing culture: however, it’s the adventure activities that really get the visitors jumping with excitement! Strap yourself in for our 5 adrenaline pumping recommendations you can enjoy on your next visit with family, friends or just by yourself!


Who said gliding down mountains can only be done on the freezing snow? Slip across the sand of the Huacachina desert on a sandboard and feel the warm coastal breeze against your skin as you dazzle at the spectacular sites of the oasis below. If sandboarding is not to your liking, why not try a sand toboggan? With a professional team of instructors to show you the ropes, you will feel completely confident for your sand run in the sun!

Dune Buggies

For the rush of your lifetime, look no further then a Dune Buggy ride in Ica. Fly up the steep sand dunes, and find yourself screaming with delight as you drift over the peaks and slide back down. You are sure to feel all the adrenaline flowing through your veins, and the smile on your face getting wider and wider! This is the ultimate Ica adventure experience!


Most preferably done launching off in Paracas, one hour to the North of Ica, for its spectacular red-sand beaches, dramatic cliffs and dunes – Paragliding here will literally, have you with breath-taking scenery at your feet. Flights usually last between 20 to 40 minutes, making it the perfect amount of time to soak up the adrenaline and stunning skies of Ica. Paragliding is a very popular sport in Peru, so if not done in Ica, definitely make sure you get a chance to experience the joy at some point during your travels in Peru.

Aircraft over Nazca Lines.

It doesn’t cause as much of an adrenaline rush as the Dune Buggy or Sandboarding, but flying in a light aircraft over the Nazca Lines is certainly one of the best experiences you will ever live. Seeing these amazing figures that are part of the Nazca Culture from a bird’s eye view will leave you speechless. Really, a must-see sight and experience to have in Ica!

These were just a handful of the bunch of incredible activities you can experience in Ica! If you want to live a real adventure on your next trip to Peru, contact us and let Explorandes show you how!


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