Explorandes joins Regenera in the search of the 0 carbon footprint operations

About Regenera:

Regenera is a network of urban custodians and rural guardians dedicated to caring for and restoring nature in Peru, preserving heritage and combating climate change.

The members of this network are subject to audits in order to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, and then compensate their residual footprint through concrete actions of conservation and restoration led by Regenera’s guardians.

 Where Regenera operates:

Why did we join Regenera?

Since we started operations in 1975, we have continuously been trying to evolve the way in which we operate to reduce our negative impact on the environment and in the communities we work. As part of these actions, we were the first tour operator in South America to implement an Environmental Management System certified under ISO14001 back in 2002, which we replaced in 2013 with the Rainforest Alliance Certification, to include the social and business aspects of sustainability into our standards. Additionally, we have been developing processes that also generate positive impacts, like working with local communities to improve their income, whether it’s providing them with a new opportunity to sell their textiles and crafts, hiring them to work with us, or making sure that they are paid fair salaries (above market standards). But after more than 40 years, we have seen that this is not enough. Nowadays, adventure tourism has become more mainstream and we see an increasing number of tour operators sending more and more passengers on hikes along the routes that we pioneered and made popular over the last four decades. We consider it vitally important that tour operators begin to measure, reduce and offset any direct and indirect social and environmental impacts they may have. We at Explorandes are taking steps in the hopes that we set an example for others to follow. As of January 2018, we began offsetting our direct carbon emissions, those generated by energy use and employee transportation to and from each of our offices. Starting in the month of October, Explorandes will include in its quotes the following additional charges in order to compensate for the carbon emissions of passengers who travel with us. This is part of our commitment to the environment, which aims to always seek more and better ways to minimize our negative impacts and increase our positive ones.

Here the list of costs:

  • Cultural tours: $2.00 per pax per day.
  • Adventure tours: $1.50 per pax per day.

*If you prefer not to be included, please inform your destination specialist so that we keep this cost out of your quotes.”

The funds collected will go directly to the three areas mentioned above and will help to protect some of Peru’s most beautiful, diverse, and threatened places. Our alliance with Regenera is a complement to our ongoing sustainability commitment reflected in our daily processes and operations.

 our achievements explorandes

Join us in our 0 carbon footprint commitment!

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