An Insider’s Guide to Miraflores, Lima

During your Peru trip, consider a visit to Miraflores. Lima’s lively, cosmopolitan region of Miraflores is the district most tourists stay in when they spend any time in Peru’s capital. Located around ten km. from the city center, it was once the site of an epic battle between Peru and Chile during the War of the Pacific. Today, with its wide avenues and streets and well-kept parks, Miraflores offers great hotels, shopping, and nightlife. It borders the Pacific Ocean with an extensive shoreline park system known as the Costa Verde, where you can enjoy activities like cycling, picnicking, paragliding, and surfing. It also offers great museums and even has ancient ruins, the Huaca Pucllana, within walking distance. This blog will discuss some of the best options for dining, accommodations, and activities in the Miraflores district of Lima. 

Parks and Outdoor Activities 

Parque Kennedy – the happening Park in Miraflores, this is where locals and tourists alike gather on evenings and weekends. With its festive atmosphere, popcorn vendors, local musicians, and population of cats, Parque Kennedy is a fun place to spend an afternoon. An art fair borders the sidewalk along the park on weekends, where you can purchase local paintings, jewelry, and other items. A great place to relax on the lawn, people-watch, and pet a cat or two. The cats are fed and neutered/spayed by local volunteer organizations, which accept donations at their booth at the edge of the park. 

The Malecón – Literally, the Boardwalk, the Malecón is a two-mile strip that contains lawns, parks, sitting areas, sculpture, and a walkway, set upon Lima’s coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is the place for a leisurely stroll or bike ride on a sunny afternoon. The Parque del Amor, featuring the famous sculpture known as “The Kiss” by local artist Victor Delfín, is where lovers traditionally meet and snuggle. Larcomaris an attractive, modern shopping center and indoor/outdoor mall, featuring diverse shops, a variety of eateries, a movie theater, and a bowling alley. There are several companies that do tandemparaglidingoff of the cliffs at Antonio Raimundi Park, during which a first-time glider would be cinched to an instructor and make a running jump off the cliff, to be lifted into the wind for a soaring glide with amazing views over the ocean and beaches of Miraflores. Similarly, great surfing options are available on the beaches around Miraflores: Playa Makaha is a great beginner’s surf spot, the nearby Playa Pamillais a beach for intermediate surfers, and Punta Rokitasis a haven for intermediate to advanced-level surfing. 

Museums and Ruins 

Chocomuseo – Who doesn’t love chocolate? At the Chocomuseo in Miraflores, near Parque Kennedy, you can learn all about the history and production of chocolate, and participate in a number of chocolate and food-related workshops. This family-friendly museum offers a variety of hands-on classes, including the “Bean to Bar” chocolate bar making course, and a Truffle Course that teaches participants how to make some of the most delightful, creamiest confections on Earth. 

Museo del Pisco – Pisco, a type of brandy distilled from grapes, is Peru’s much-celebrated official spirit. The Museo del Pisco houses a display about the history of Pisco and offers Pisco tastings; classes in the preparation of Pisco sours and a variety of cocktails; Pisco and food-tasting; and my favorite, Pisco and Chocolate-pairing. 

Museo Amano – The Amano Museum, open for over 50 years, houses a collection of textiles from the Chancay people, as well as ancient ceramics from the Chimú and Nazca cultures. The museum boasts several rooms, including The Chronological Textile Sequence room, dedicated to the emergence of textiles around the world and in Peru; Raw Materials and Textiles Tool Room, which focuses on the processes involved in textile creation; and a room that only recently became accessible to researchers, which houses rare and delicate examples of textiles from the ancient Chancay culture. 

Huaca Pucllana – This humungous clay/adobe pyramid was built by the Lima Culture in around 200 AD. An ancient ceremonial site, the ruin consists of seven staggered platforms and is thought to have been a site for worship of the moon and the ocean, as well as an administrative center. There is an onsite museum that discusses the Lima culture and displays various artifacts therefrom, as well as a well-reputed restaurant at the same location.


Maido - Voted Best Restaurant in Latin America in 2018, and 7th Best Restaurant in the World, Maido Restaurant serves Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) cuisine. If you are sushi-lover, you will be in heaven, as they offer a tasting menu with multiple courses of mainly seafood offerings, whose combination of velvety, smooth, flaky, and crunchy textures and mellow and piquant flavors are sure to delight. There are also non-seafood options, such as the extremely tender short rib of beef (smoked for 50 hours!) The Japanese love of perfection in miniature is reflected in the delicate touches that grace the presentation of each dish. 

Avenida La Mar:

An abundance of excellent restaurants exists along the shoreline of Costa Verde in Miraflores on Avenida La Mar. To name a few: 

Pescados Capitales – the name literally translates to “Capital Fish,” a play on words, since the words Pescado (fish) and Pecado (sin) are only one letter apart. The restaurant boasts “sinfully delicious” seafood items, each named for one of the Seven Deadly Sins. For example, the dish known as Envidia (Envy) consists of black pasta with calamari and a yellow pepper chimichurrisauce, while Pereza(Laziness) consists of a grilled salmon filet accompanied by a quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes and green beans. The restaurant also serves a variety of ceviches, creative appetizers, and classic Peruvian dishes. 

La Mar Cebecheria– Owned by renowned Peruvian chef, Gaston Acurio, this is one of Miraflores’ most popular ceviche spots, beloved by both locals and tourists.  The Ceviche Trioconsists of generous portions of three different varieties of ceviche. Other offerings include Chaufa La Mar(Chinese-style Seafood Fried Rice) and Ravioles Negros de Congrejo(Black Raviolis stuffed with Crab Meat) 

Jerónimo – this relatively recently opened restaurant has quickly become popular for its creative and innovative Peru- Mexico fusion cuisine. A lively nightspot/ dinner spot as well as a great place for lunch, one of the most interesting appetizers is the Tuna Tartare Cones– crispy cones filled with fresh raw tuna and guacamole. Also popular are the Tacos Ensenada, Chef Moma’s take on fish tacos, served on homemade corn tortillas, with pico de gallo. The Arroz Bomba Calamar is a calamari dish served with rice infused with black squid ink. 


Jardin de Jasmín –. This restaurant offers creative vegan adaptations of Peruvian dishes. They really go all out in proving that a vegan burger can be as delicious and toothsome as anything from a cow. Burgers are made from pulses such as lentils, garbanzos, or black beans, and there are a variety of flavorful pasta dishes on offer. The owners feel strongly about Food as Medicine and take great care in presenting lovingly prepared meals using fresh and vibrant ingredients in each of their offerings. 


Café Buena Vista– Serving up a range of coffee drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos, this café with outdoor/ indoor seating offers burgers, salads, and sandwiches alongside a variety of fruit juices and Peruvian-style snacks like empanadas and chicharrones. Its location on Malecón Cisneros offers patrons  stunning ocean views. Live entertainment is booked a few nights per week. 

Puku Puku – named for the “puku puku bird” that awakens sleepers with its song, this café sources their beans responsibly from Peruvian small-batch coffee growers. They offer a wide variety of coffee drinks and delightful desserts, including gluten-free options.    

Armonica Café – Worth a mention for all of their special dietary options, this vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant on Avenida La Mar offers many plant-based alternatives but also does serve meat. They serve up lots of vegan desserts, vegan waffles, fresh fruit smoothies, and burgers that can be either meat or plant-based. There are many gluten-free options on the menu as well.  


Hotel Aloft– With an onsite restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Miraflores Aloft is a contemporary hotel with modern décor. Each room is equipped with floor to ceiling windows; some of the rooms offer ocean views. Suites with separate seating areas are also available. There is a pool and fitness center, and some of the rooms are pet-friendly. 

Hilton Lima Miraflores – The decor of the Hilton Miraflores honors Peruvian history with design touches that hearken back to Lima’s colonial era. The hotel has 207 rooms, including 44 executive suites; each room boasts latticed woodwork in its interior, a decorative touch taken from Peru’s bygone days. There is a rooftop lounge that offers beverages and snacks all day. This hotel is pet-friendly and has an outdoor pool, business center, and fitness center. 

Hotel Belmond Miraflores- This hotel features 89 suites, some with their own Jacuzzi. Three of the suites have a private outdoor terrace and plunge pool. 

Decorated in modern European style, all of the rooms boast luxurious marble bathrooms. There is a heated swimming pool on the roof of the hotel, with stunning views over the Pacific Ocean. The onsite Tragaluz Restaurantoffers Peruvian and European dining options. 

Miraflores is one of Lima’s safest areas, with a strong security presence to protect tourists and locals from crime. It is wise, of course, to follow common-sense standards of safety, such as protecting your wallet from pickpockets and walking with companions, especially at night. Crowded areas and bus terminals are especially notorious for thieves, so be sure to protect your belongings in these zones. It is best to use only official taxis. Uber is also operational in Miraflores. It is a 20 – 25 dollar taxi ride (45 minutes, depending on traffic) from the Jorge Chavez International airport to the Miraflores District. 

We warmly invite you to visit the exciting Miraflores District and will be more than happy to assist with any travel needs you may have whilst in Lima. 

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