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Alto Perú is a Peru-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been operating for over ten years now. They share their name with a neighborhood in the Chorrillos district in the capital city of Lima. Founded back in 2007, the organization saw an opportunity to help the youth of this community by creating programs to help eliminate the unfortunate crime and drug addiction affecting this area.
With the use of nature, art, and sports, such as surfing and Muaythai martial arts, the program encourages the youth to turn to these activities instead of crime. Alto Perú promotes social inclusion and education for children and young adults and aids them in developing marketable skills in order to provide promising futures free of crime and violence. The organization has achieved so much within this community and continues to run sport and art programs, festivals, and more. Alto Perú has also worked to improve the physical atmosphere of the community by building playgrounds, planting green areas, and removing trash.
In addition to providing local youth the chance to develop a passion for sports and arts, the project also offers economic opportunities. The participants develop the necessary skills to become tour guides, surf instructors, and community leaders. Providing these skill sets and a steady income will, in turn, help the generations to come.
Recently Alto Perú has opened its doors to welcome some responsible tourism and Explorandes is one of the first companies to work alongside them. There are different trips available that are tailored to all types of travelers. During these trips, you will be able to have an inside look into these communities and see first-hand the work that Alto Perú Central Planning on Steroids, Part 2: Cooper cripples businesses statewide, but gives a few corporations big bucks – John Locke Foundation – John Locke Foundation promifen the best anabolic steroids for cutting, best steroids for cutting and lean muscle – does and all that they have accomplished. See stunning sights, meet incredible people, and have fun, all while contributing back to a community in need.
As a tourist, by taking these trips you are supporting Alto Perú to continue their great work of providing aid to this underserved neighborhood of Perú. The profit they make from tourism helps them to continue to be a self-sufficient nonprofit organization, operating without government aid. Furthermore, the growth of tourism aids in the growth of community self-esteem and encourages the members of the community to take pride in their land and care for their environment.
Help Alto Perú continue their great work for another 10 years to come by talking to one of our educated team members and booking your trip today.
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