Which Inkaterra Hotel is right for your dream Amazon Experience?

Inkaterra has three hotels in the Tambopata National Reserve, an area known as the “biodiversity capital of Peru.” The three hotels, Reserva Amazonica, Hacienda Concepción, and the Inkaterra Field Station, deliver an amazing experience surrounded by the vast flora and fauna of the Madre de Dios region. But how can travelers decide which of the three hotels is right for their Amazon experience? Here, we share an overview of each hotel to help you decide which Inkaterra hotel is right for you.

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The first option is the Inkaterra Field Station, best suited for those looking to completely immerse themselves in the Amazon without all of the frills of a 5-star hotel. Originally designed for training Inkaterra Explorer Guides and hosting researchers, volunteers, and travelers looking to get involved in research projects, the Inkaterra Field Station in Tambopata was recently opened to the public like never before, while still hanging on to its original essence.

The Field Station offers guests two sleeping options: cabañas (2 or 4 guests) and pavillions (quadruple shared rooms with private bathroom). It also has the Work House that integrates the Ecocenter and the research room. The Ecocenter offers a selection of excursions for travelers according to the length of stay and varies by level of difficulty and duration. The research room features a laboratory designed for examining soil and for the study of flora and fauna.

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The second option is the more sophisticated Reserva Amazonica, best suited for travelers looking to combine luxury with an immersive jungle experience. While still bringing guests right into the heart of the jungle, this luxurious jungle lodge offers two types of suites, 8 cabañas with views of the Madre de Dios River, and 24 other peaceful, jungle-facing cabañas.

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Reserva Amazonica has more flexibility with its options for guests. From a la carte dishes to different types of jungle activities, guests can stick with the pre-established itinerary or change it to fit their preferences. The hotel also has an amazing spa that combines classic spa menu ítems with exotic Amazon ingredients.

The third option is Hacienda Concepción, best suited for travelers on a budget. Built on a former cacao and rubber plantation as well as a former Amazonian Catholic medical mission center (Fundo Concepción), this family-friendly Inkaterra option will introduce you to the biodiversity of the Amazon through a wide range of land and river excursions.

The hotel offers 24 cabañas and 6 rooms. Breakfast and lunch are buffet-style with dinner being a la carte. The excursions at Hacienda Concepción are included in your stay, with activities such as Concepción Trails, Twilight River, Rainforest By Night, Botanical Garden, Native Farm and more. Finally, as do all of the Inkaterra hotels, Hacienda Concepción hosts a tea time daily.

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