About Us

We are the first adventure tourism company offering authentic life changing experiences. In direct contact with nature, we make treks through the Inca Trail to Choquequirao and through Carabaya mountain range. We guarantee the quality of our trips because we operate our own programs in Cusco, Huaraz, Lima, Puno and the rest of Peru. We always look for exceeding your expectations with programs that fulfill your wishes to guarantee you have the best vacations.



In Explorandes we have a strong commitment to social development and environment preservation. That is why we always work with native communities, whose activities have been excluded from modern economical system. We learnt that tourism can use local resources and workforce in a healthy and sustainable way. For that reason, we have developed three projects in association with our friends and partners from native communities of Amaru and Umasbamba in the Sacred Valley, and Llachón in Puno. Because of that, we invite you to enjoy a life experience with native communities, sharing their traditions and culture and also supporting an alternative but better way to develop and preserve our natural resources and culture.