What is glamping and how to get to enjoy a glamping experience in Cusco

Glamping is a relatively new term that combines two things that used to be considered contradictory: Glamour and Camping. Glamping is a luxurious camping that combines the experience of enjoying the great outdoors while avoiding the sometimes uncomfortable hassle of camping. These are the best options for enjoying the nature of Cusco, in unique accommodations with every amenity:

Qhispikay Sustainable Glamping  

Qhispikay Sustainable Glamping is a passion project of a young couple that wanted guests to experience the warmth and charm of an andean town and their people, while maintaining modern day comfort. Beautiful tents that have every accommodation a luxury hotel has to offer: a bed with a feather duvet, heat, electricity and a bathroom just a few feet away with a hot shower powered by solar energy.  Luxuries that do not contaminate or take away from the experience. Dinner and breakfast is included and most of the food is harvested by the community and neighbors. One of three of their glamping sites is home to the Misminay people, a traditional andean community. Many different activities can be arranged within the community such as weaving, andean ceremony, adobe workshop and cooking lessons. We can program cultural tours and hikes from Misminay to Ollantaytambo, Moray and Maras.  

Another one of their three glamping sites is Huilloc, a small Quechua-speaking community  whose people maintain the customs and traditions passed down from their ancestors to this day. Cultural activities are also offered in this traditional Inca community. Its location is perfect for a hike to Patacancha, a traditional weaving community located an hour away from Ollantaytambo. Any of the three locations that Qhispikay offers allows you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an andean community that has been around for centuries. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience to enjoy their people and the breathtaking views!

Chaska Ocupi 

Chaska Ocupi means “under the stars” in Quechua and their Sacred Valley campsite offers just that. They built the campsite respecting the surrounding woods, so that you feel engulfed by nature. They have a large telescope on site that can be used to see the beautiful clear Urubamba sky filled with constellations and stars. Sleep warmly under these stars while staying in a large luxury tent that includes heat, electricity and fine beds with linen. The campsite has several tents that allows you to interact with other travellers. 

They offer very special activities off-site such as a ceramics workshop where you will learn the basics and create a ceramic piece of art from start to finish. But the activity that we find incredibly special is the Therapeutic Horseback Riding that helps with self discovery and self esteem. It can be done as a family therapy and children as young as three can participate. 

There are quite a few on-site activities to choose from. You can start the day off by choosing between Yoga and Meditation class or Pilates and Meditation. Stay in a relaxed state by having a wellness treatment such as a classic massage and facial or choose between their more adventurous treatments such as Relaxing Ceremonial Massages that include an energy cleanse, Biomagnetism, Purification and energy bath cleanse with medicinal plants or andean floral baths. Wellness treatments and facials they also offer  beauty treatments that include facials and massages. If you’re feeling creative they offer a fun art workshop with simple activities like making a mobile from recycled materials, basket weaving or our favorite, painting a traditional cusco frame. 

After a relaxing un filled day, enjoy an amazing organic dinner with great drinks in the dining tent and end the night at the campfire listening to andean music. Chaska Ocupi is very unique experience that combines nature and glamour in a perfect Cusco setting.

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