Tourism in Peru: Everything you need to know about Lake Titicaca

Titicaca’s lake is located in Puno and is considered one of the most beautiful and important natural heritages of humanity. It is located at 3810 meters above sea level (MASL). This lake, considered the highest and navigable in the world, is also important for its history. Legend has it that Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, sons of the sun god, were born from him before he founded the Inca empire. Want to know more before you make the trip? check out all this information we got for you.

Location of Lake Titicaca

It is located on the plateau of the Collao in the central Andes at 3810 MASL. It has an area of 8562 km² of which 56% (4772 km²) correspond to Peru and 44% (3790 km²) to Bolivia.

Importance of the lake

The lake plays a very important role both for its enormous biodiversity and for the communities that live there. This lake moderates the climate around, as it absorbs and retains the solar energy of the day and radiates it during the night. This is the reason why the areas surrounding the lake do not have an extremely cold temperature. Thanks to this capacity the area surrounding the lake is the most important geo-economic region of the Andes. At least almost 49% of alpacas, 32% of sheep, 29% of llamas and 10% of cattle in Peru live here.

Tourist activities on Lake Titicaca

Thanks to its extensive territory and beautiful landscape, Lake Titicaca is an ideal place for multiple tourist activities. Some of the main ones are:


Thanks to its beutiful Andean landscapes this surroundings are perfect for trekking. Also you will always have a constat view of the lake.

Community rural tourism

On the shores of the lake lies the famous island of Uros. A set of islands made by hand where it is possible to live with the natives of the place. In addition, it is possible to go sailing and fishing with them.

Inca Trail

Puno is the ideal starting point to reach the imperial city. From here you can take 10 of the 14 Inca Trail routes. Road system known as Qhapaq Ñam. You can know more about this trip visiting this link.

Curiosities of Lake Titicaca

Some interesting facts that adorn this lake are:

Lake Titicaca is the second largest lake in South America.

In 2002, divers of the navy of Peru found under the waters of the lake remnants of what could have been a lost city.

The population adjacent to the lake keep Inca traditions.

Lake Titicaca is a natural beauty hidden at more than 3000 MASL Visiting it represents an opportunity not only to enjoy its spectacular landscapes. but also. Of all the traditions that the populations that reside there keep. If you want to know the prices for these routes please contact us.

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