Top 3 Adventurous Ways to Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon is one of the wildest places on earth and the Peruvian Amazon one of the better protected patches of it. As a traveler in the Peruvian Amazon, this translates to greater chances of spotting the thousands of bird, animal, and plant species that call the forest home and the rare opportunity to totally immerse yourself in a pristine natural environment. In this blog post, we reveal three of the most adventurous ways to stay in and experience the Peruvian Amazon.


  1. Sail Down the Amazon by River Cruise

 Cruising the muddy channels of the Amazon aboard an all-inclusive luxury liner is, for some, the ultimate way to experience the Amazon, as you’ll likely see a lot of the Amazon over the course of a 3 to 6-night itinerary. Most Amazon River Cruises leave out of the port of Iquitos in northeast Peru and include a host of activities like swimming with pink dolphins, wildlife watching excursions by skiff and by kayak, and trail walks by night and by day. The two leading Amazon River cruises out of Iquitos are Delfin’s Delfin III, the newest ship in their fleet, and Rivers & Forest Expeditions’ Amazonas cruise.

  1. Sleep in a Luxurious Amazon Lodge

For those of you dreaming about waking up under the rainforest canopy, staying in a jungle lodge may be just the experience for you. Many of the most luxurious Amazon lodges are buried in the depths of the jungle, far from any neighbors and surrounded by dense rainforest vegetation that offers plenty of wildlife sightings. Inkaterra and Rainforest Expeditions are the leaders in luxurious jungle lodges near the Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado. Rainforest Expedition’s Posada Amazonas and Refugio Amazonas and Inkaterra’s Hacienda Concepcion and Reserva Amazonica are all high-end jungle oases that offer all-inclusive meals and activities on land and by river. For something even more private and secluded, the Amazon Villa by Rainforest Expeditions is also an option.

  1. Mingle with Rainforest Researchers at a Field Station or Research Center

Here’s a lodging option that few travelers realize is even on the table. Stay at an active field station or research center in the heart of the Amazon to pair comfort with access to some of the most wildlife-dense stretches of the forest and the researchers who are actively studying it. Rainforest Expedition’s Tambopata Research Center is the only lodge that lay within the Tambopata National Reserve, meaning it’s one of the most remote lodges in all of South America. Another option is Inkaterra’s Field Station, a site designed to train Inkaterra guides, host investigators and volunteers, and to welcome eager travelers like yourself.

For more information about any of these Peru Amazon tour and lodging options, get in touch with our Explorandes team today.

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