Top 3 Adventures in Perú for conecting with nature

Trekking: 5 days and 4 nights in the Hidden Valleys of Mt. Salkantay

A new alternative for trekking alongside Salkantay Mountain that takes you off the beaten path. This trek has been developed by Explorandes with the aim of offering our travellers the option of staying away from the crowds while trekking in Cusco and enjoying a true connection with the Andes.

As you may know, Cusco has become a very popular destination for trekking thanks to the Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail trek has limited permits and, because of its popularity, a lot of people can´t get the necessary permits to do the trek and they then look for other famous alternatives such as the Salkantay trek or the trek to Choqueqirao. These two treks do not have permit regulations as the Inca Trail does so most of the time, especially during the high season, they are overcrowded and the impacts of the high number of trekkers on the trails is visible.

For this reason we have developed a new alternative for trekking alongside Salkantay Mountain that takes you off the beaten path. We want to offer our travellers the option of staying away from the crowds while trekking in Cusco and enjoying a true connection with the Andes. During the trek you will see amazing landscapes with beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains and some of the typical Andean flora and fauna such as llamas, vicunas, orchids, etc.

Culture and Adventure: Full Day in La Base Lamay Outdoor Center

La Base Lamay Outdoor Center is a paradise that offers both nature and outdoor activities with friendly people who have a beautiful culture and traditions to share. By booking with La Base Lamay, you will be contributing to the conservation and sustainable development of the village and communities of Lamay. Every activity has a fee per person, which is given to the communities for them to manage directly. There is a wide range of half-day, one-day and multi-day activities for everyone, including active activities like the Huayllafara Community Hike, the Lamay to Pisac Mountain Hike, the Sapacto Panorama Hike, the Huchuycosco Hike, fly fishing, short escapes of 2 to 4 days of hiking and community lodging. La Base Lamay also offers cultural and experience based activities that give you the opportunity to learn about community traditions. These activities include the Lamay Community Day, the Farm and Food Experience in Lamay, the Lamay Village Experience, and photographic tours.

Adventure and Relax: Cruise the peruvian Amazon in the Delfin III

The Delfin III is the largest cruise that Delfin Amazon Cruises offers. You will spend 3-4 nights on a boat that has 22 suites with the highest level of comfort for up to 43 passengers. The suites on the first deck are designed to offer passengers the best views, 8 of the suites have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, there are 2 spacious corner suites and the largest suite is The Owners Suite. On the top deck you will find beautiful indoor and outdoor lounge areas, a sundeck with a plunge pool, a spa and gym, and the bar.

The Delfin III offers 3 or 4 night stays, both options have amazing activities where you will get to see the best flora and fauna that the Marañon and Ucayali rivers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve have to offer. Alongside the opportunity to observe flora and fauna the Delfin III also offers excursions for travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazon. Even though all the activities are optional, the personal from the cruise will encourage the guests to explore their adventurous side and choose among the wide array of experiences offered. These experiences include kayaking in creeks and lakes (soft adventure), swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas, trail walks, visiting the local communities, and more!

For a full list of the activities that you can participate in at La Base Lamay Outdoor Center, Delfin III Cruise or for more information about the Hidden Valleys of Salkantay trek, write to us and we will prepare the perfect itinerary according to what you are looking for.

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