The Best Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures in Cusco

It’s no secret that time spent in nature is good for us as humans. Study upon study has proven it, and recently there’s even evidence to say that kids who spend time in nature are more likely to become happier adults. Talk about incentive to take the entire family on an outdoor adventure, something Peru can deliver by the fistful. In this blog post, we share five ideas for an epic family adventure holiday in Cusco.


Tackle the Inca Trail Express

The full Inca Trail Trek may be a bit much for the little ones, but the two-day Inca Trail Express is well within reach and includes the famous first glimpse of the Machu Picchu ruins from the Sun Gate (Intipunku). Dense cloud forest, awe-inspiring nature, and a smattering of lesser-known Incan ruins will you greet you and your family on the several hour day hike to Machu Picchu. Rest up in Aguas Calientes and enjoy the second day exploring the vast Machu Picchu complex in the accompaniment of an expert guide who knows just how to peak your children’s curiosity.


Hike to Cusco’s Nearby Ruins

Natural rock structures, forests of eucalyptus, and Incan temples dedicated to nature, this five-and-a-half-hour hike will fully immerse your family in the beauty, culture, and history of Cusco. The route takes you to the Temple of the Monkeys, a site dedicated to the stars and climate, the Temple of the Moon, and Inkilltambo, the ceremonial center where the Incas once guarded their ancestors. There’s plenty to keep the whole family engaged on this multi-stop route.


Dabble in the Piuray Outdoor Center’s Activities

Lake Piuray is an Andean paradise tucked away in the hills beyond Chinchero. The list of outdoor adventures to be had, both on the lake and around it, is long. With snow-capped mountain peaks in every direction, terraced farmland that climb the nearby hillsides, and astounding bird diversity, you’re in good company as you and your family take to the kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or mountain bike. Enjoy cultural activities like a proper Pachamanca lunch or a trek to Huchuyqosqo, a site that some believe served as the estate of the Inca Emperor Viracocha in 1420.


Choose Your Own Adventure at the Lamay Outdoor Center

In the small village of Lamay, located near Calca in the Sacred Valley, find everything from fly-fishing to rock climbing and mountain biking. The Lamay Outdoor is the perfect spot to introduce your kids to nature and the outdoors in an environment that promotes and prioritizes responsible tourism and conservation. There are plenty of hikes to nearby communities, opportunities to join the locals in the fields, inside their homes, and to peek into their local businesses, and the chance to taste many of the local delicacies like guinea pig, quinoa, and for the adults, the corn-fermented beverage Chicha de Jora.

It’ll be a Family Adventure Vacation to Remember

For more information about Explorandes’ family adventure holiday offerings and experiences, get in touch with our team today.

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