Peruvian Desserts You Must Try

One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is indulging in the delicious food typical to that
region. When traveling to Peru, one thing you’ll notice about Peruvians is that they love their sweets.
There are bakeries, even in the smallest of towns, and chocolate and ice cream shops aplenty. In this
blog, we will break down the best desserts you must try while in Peru. From rice pudding to decadent
cakes, these sweet treats will have your mouth watering.

Crema Volteada
Crema Volteada is the Peruvian equivalent to Creme Caramel or Flan. Meaning “upside down
cream,” this dessert is both sweet and rich while being simple and easy to eat. Crema Volteada is a
popular comfort food in Peru.

Suspiro de Limeña
Translated as “sigh of a woman from Lima” due to the desserts’ light and sweet nature. The
treat consists of manjar blanco, also known as dulce de leche, which is a type of sweetened milk paste,
combined with port wine merengue and cinnamon. This classic Peruvian delight was invented by
Amparo Ayarza, the wife of poet Jose Galvez.

Arroz con Leche
The Peruvian version of rice pudding is arroz con leche. This simple and sweet dessert is made
from rice, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk. Simple and delicious!

Mazamorra Morada
A favorite all-year-round, but especially during the colder months due to its warm mix of
complex flavors like cinnamon, clove, and a variety of fruits such as pineapple, cherry, and peach. The
main ingredient, which gives the dessert its vibrant dark purple color, is from morada, Peruvian purple
corn. The thick gelatin-like treat is often served with arroz con leche.

Picarones is similar to a donut, although they differ as it is made using sweet potato and squash.
Once they are fried, they are topped with chancaca, a syrup made from raw unrefined sugar and
typically flavored with orange peel and cinnamon. These little rings are always a crowd favorite and can
be found paired with anticuchos (skewered cow heart).

It would be challenging to go to Peru without seeing one of these cookies. This cookie sandwich
is comprised of two layers of crumbly shortbread cookies filled with manjar blanco, also known as dulce
de leche. Often the cookie is dusted with powdered sugar. They are the perfect little mid-day treat!

There you have it! Now you will be familiar when you see these various desserts listed on a menu. We
are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your trip to Peru. Reach out to our team
today and get your adventure on the books. Delightfully decadent desserts await your arrival!

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