Everything You Need to Know About the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is one of the world’s most talked about treks, and for good reason. This 26-mile trail meanders, climbs, and descends through Andean countryside and cloud forest, over spectacular passes, past lesser-known Incan ruins, and up mountain-carved steps. Then, after multiple days of trekking, delivers you to the doorstep of an ancient world […]

Chachapoyas: A Region of Record-Setting Waterfalls and Ancient Pre-Inca Cities

The unassuming and quaint jungle city of Chachapoyas in northern Peru is surrounded by several of the country’s most spectacular and off-the-beaten-track sites. From the ancient ruins of Kuelap to the neck-craning heights of the Gocta Waterfall, Chachapoyas has a knack for luring adventure travelers with an affinity for nature and history’s finest work to […]

Take Your Peru Adventure to the Piuray Outdoor Center

Every Peru adventure should include a visit to the Piuray Outdoor Center. Situated on the shores of the picturesque Lake Piuray 45 minutes from Cusco, the Piuray Outdoor Center is like a “choose your own adventure” experience. The center is equipped with everything you could need for a day of land- and water-based adventure sport, […]

7 Cultural Adventures in Lima You Just Can’t Miss

If it’s cultural adventures that you seek for your holiday in Peru, then allow us to introduce you  7 can’t miss cultural adventures to be had on Lima’s scenic coastline, taking you behind the scenes of local life and culture, starting with the fishing community of Chorrillos.   A Freshly Prepared Fisherman’s Ceviche Experience ceviche in […]

4 Water Adventures in Cusco

The possibility for adventure in Cusco is high, with its mountain setting and endless Inca trails, but did you know this inland local also offers the possibility for water-based adventure too? Nestled within the Andean scenery are roaring rivers and glistening lakes tempting all water sport enthusiasts to hop right in. In this blog post, […]