Outdoor tourism: Five adventure sports you can do in Peru

When coming to Peru, tourists no only have the possibility to visit archeological sites, natural landscapes, and even eat delicious food (gastronomic tourism), they are also able to do different sports that give some sort of special excitement and adrenaline during the trip. There are a ton of adventure sports you can try in Peru, and […]


Machu Picchu: What is the intihuatana stone?

The Incas had as one of their main gods the sun (inti, in Quechua language). Therefore, it was important for priests to observe the sun and understand it. So, they had an astronomic clock or calendar that indicated some significant celestial periods for them. This clock was called intihuatana. Intihuatana is derived from Quechua, and […]

inkaterra hotels amazon experience

Which Inkaterra Hotel is right for your dream Amazon Experience?

Inkaterra has three hotels in the Tambopata National Reserve, an area known as the “biodiversity capital of Peru.” The three hotels, Reserva Amazonica, Hacienda Concepción, and the Inkaterra Field Station, deliver an amazing experience surrounded by the vast flora and fauna of the Madre de Dios region. But how can travelers decide which of the […]

Pachacamac: The most important pre-Inca sacred site in Peruvian coast

No place in Peruvian coast was as important and sacred as Pachacamac. For 2000 years, it was visited by pilgrims from many ancient Andean cultures, like Lambayeque, Nazca, Wari, Tiwanaku, and Chimu before the Incas claimed the site as part of their empire and converted it in the largest center in central and southern Peru. Learn more about Pachacamac, […]

what is qhapaq ñam

What is Qhapaq Ñan or the Great Inca Road?

In order to transport and trade goods, better move armies across their territories, and carry messages between population centers, the Incas built an extensive road network across the empire. This system became one of the most extraordinary feats of engineering in the world and helped transform the Incas into the largest empire in South America. In fact,  it was a […]