Mountain Biking the in the Peruvian Andes

The air is crisp, the wind, strong as your hands grip tightly to the handlebars. Beautiful landscapes whiz by as you soar down the mountain. The excitement of mountain biking is a thrill you’ll want to relive. The experience of mountain biking in the Peruvian Andes is an unforgettable one.

There are several kinds of mountain biking, each offering a unique experience. Enduro is mountain biking with the majority of the route being downhill sections, compared to that of uphill and cross country. Cross country (XC) is defined by the type of terrain the biker is encountering. XC courses and trails are anything from rough paths to smooth country roads. Lastly, downhill is a challenging style, practiced on steep, rough terrain often requiring jumps, drops, and other obstacles. The Andes offer some of the greatest downhill trails in the entire world. Whichever style you prefer, we guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time riding in Peru.

At Explorandes we offer three incredible biking trips, all with varying degrees of difficulty and biking styles. The different routes include Maras Moray, Huaran to Huicho, and Cusco to Piuray.

Maras Moray is a moderate course that will bring you through beautiful scenery from ancient ruins to the remarkable Maras Salt Mines. Beginning at Cruzpata, you will enjoy a route with ups and downs to reach the Archeological Park of Moray where we will spend 20 minutes taking in the sites. Next, we ride for another hour to Maras where we savor a tasty picnic-style lunch before continuing to the salt terraces of Maras. Learn about this unique form of farming which to this day is still run entirely by local families. The tour concludes with an invigorating 40 minutes of downhill biking to reach the Sacred Valley.

The Huaran to Huicho route is great for those just who are new to biking or would enjoy leisurely taking in the sites, as it is a relatively easy one. We will stop in Huayocari for a feast before hopping on the bikes to continue riding to Huayllabamba and ending in Wicho.

Lastly, the Cusco to Piuray route incorporates two styles of terrain, enduro and cross country. This exhilarating course will take us from the outskirts of Cusco to the stunning Lake Piuray. During the tour, we will pause to snack and take in the view of the stunning Urubamba mountain range and surrounding lakes. We end with riding near the impressive Chincheros district with old Incan buildings and finish our ride at Piuray Outdoor Center where you have an opportunity to partake in water sports. From the cities to the countryside, this tour will not disappoint.

We know how vital having a reliable, dependable bicycle is to your experience, which is why we pride ourselves on having the top-of-the-line bikes for your needs. The cooks provide healthy and delicious meals, perfect for refueling before hopping back on the bikes for more adventure. Our guides are certified professionals with knowledge of the land, trails, and culture. They are experts in what they do and are guaranteed to enhance your trip.

Whichever route you choose, we know it will be a Cusco trip you won’t forget. Contact
our team today to book your thrilling and scenic adventure.

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