How Authentic is the Lares Community Trek?

If frequently sharing meals with remote Andean communities, following original Inca trails, and taking in lakeside views surrounded by native flora and fauna is your definition of authentic, then the Lares Community Trek is as authentic as treks in Peru come. But exactly how authentic is it? We’ll paint you a very detailed picture. Read on.

Day Long Treks are Met With Locally Prepared Meals

Imagine this: After several hours of hiking uphill from 9,676 feet to 13,192 feet above sea level (Day 1 on Explorandes’ Lares Community Trek), the warm smiles of the Cancha Cancha community greet you at trail’s end. A foreign, but mouthwatering scent, floats your way in the thin mountain air. It’s dinner and you’ll be enjoying it alongside your new Quechua-speaking friends while your guide translates and fills you in on the traditional lifestyle and culture of the community you’ve been welcomed into for the night.

Trailside Views Include Still Occupied Inca-era Stone and Straw-Roof Huts

Besides the breathtaking views of lakes like Azulcocha and Suerococha and snow-capped peaks like Colque Cruz, Pitusiray, Sawasiray, Sirihuani, and Chicon, the Lares Community Trek delivers shepherd huts, called chozas, built in the same fashion and with the same materials once used by the Incas’ couriers (or chasquis). These huts are frequently used by shepherds from the Cancha Cancha community when they stay the night with their flocks or to protect themselves from inclement weather.Waterfalls and Weavers Occasionally Await at Your Campsite

One of the most unique aspects of the Lares Community Trek, you’ll quickly figure out, is how seamlessly nature and culture merge on the trail. In the community of Quiswarani (Day 2’s campsite on Explorandes’ Lares Community Trek), you’ll quite literally find yourself taking in the views of a beautiful waterfall and weavers at work – truly the best of both worlds on any trip to Peru

The Final Refuge of an Inca Sect Happens to be En Route

We’ve covered the living culture and brushed on the picturesque natural scenes that fill the Lares Trek journey, but what about the route’s ancient history? On this particular Peru trek, you have the opportunity to visit the last refuge of the “Royal Panaka,” the family of the last living Inca. Today, the site is home to the community of Cuncani, who you’ll also get a chance to say hello to.

The Grand Finale: A Much-Needed Soak in the Lares Hot Springs

As if you weren’t already sold on the prospect of a Peru trek that combines authentic nature, culture, and history into one four-day trek, the Lares Community Trek also throws in a trek-capping hot spring to heal your sore muscles. Best part? It’s conveniently located next to your final campsite.

Okay, who’s in? Get in touch with us today for more information and departure dates for Explorandes’ Authentic Lares Community Trek.

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