El Morro Solar: A Lima Peak Offering Adventure, Culture, and History

Mention “El Morro Solar” in Lima and locals will have more than a few things to say about the city’s iconic peak. The politically minded will comment on the Christ of the Pacific statue gifted by ex-President Alan Garcia or mention the historic Battle of the Pacific that unfolded there, while the socially conscious will spout statistics about one of Peru’s poorest barrios that calls the mountain slope home. If you’re not already catching on, El Morro Solar is much more than a pretty Pacific view or a day hike to pack in while you tour Peru. It’s full of enlightening culture, monumental Peruvian history, and heart-pumping adventure.

The Enlightening Culture

Hugging the hillside of El Morro Solar is the community of Alto Peru, a place synonymous with poverty, delinquency, crime, and drugs.  Since 2008, the NGO Alto Peru has been using sport, mainly surfing and muay thai, to help inspire and ignite change in the youth of the Alto Peru community. And it’s working. Today (with a proper guide we should note), it’s possible to tour the community, meet some of the locals, and witness the ongoing transformation firsthand, all while en route to El Morro Solar’s tempting peak.


The Monumental Peruvian History

During the War of the Pacific, El Morro Solar was the scene of one of the war’s bloodiest battles, the Battle of San Juan and Chorrillos. War monuments coat the hillsides, including the 22-meter-tall (72 ft.) stone obelisk dedicated to the unknown soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. The other major monument is that of Miguel Iglesias who became a national hero after he steadfastly defended the hill during the war.


The Heart-Pumping Adventure

At 251 meters tall (823 feet), El Morro Solar is more than just a hill. The zig-zagging trails to its summit will get the heart racing a bit, whether or not the rest of your Peru adventure took you to heights far, far higher.  The views of the Lima coastline from the top are sincerely picturesque and the list of historic and religious monuments to check out once there is long.

Join Explorandes for a Half-Day Adventure to El Morro Solar

Explorandes offers a well-rounded half-day activity to El Morro Solar. The itinerary starts with a locally-guided tour of Alto Peru, continues with an ascent of El Morro Solar to the Christ of the Pacific statue, and finishes on the sandy shores at the hill’s base where fishermen and seabirds alike are busy catching fish. For information about this and any other Lima Peru tours we offer, get in touch with us today.

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