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If you are looking for hotels in Cusco we recommend giving a small concept hotel a try. These types of hotels are experiences, not just an accommodation. Personality and a particular concept are as important as comfort and service. The size of these hotels provide an intimate one-on-one excellent hospitality service and put you in contact with local community or conservation efforts. These hotels are three of our favorite options for experiencing Cusco while maintaining sustainable travel practices: 


Las Casitas del Arcoiris (The little houses of the Rainbow) 

Sacred Valley, near to the main square of Urubamba.
90 minutes car ride from Cusco city and 30 minutes away from Ollantaytambo, where the train departs to Machu Picchu.

Las Casitas del Arcoiris is a charming authentic Urubamba Valley hotel that offers a singular opportunity for travelers to support children in need through their stay and do meaningful volunteer work while lodging there if they choose to do so. The hotel is part of the Foundation Children of the Rainbow, a Peruvian-Dutch foundation, founded by Helena van Engelen almost 20 years ago. After arriving in Urubamba-Cusco, she decided to improve the living conditions of vulnerable Quechua children by providing them with educational, medical and and integral support. Because the hotel is located right next door to the school you can pop in at anytime and volunteer. An English lesson, story time in the library, serving healthy lunches or even just playing with them in the yard are all great options! Doctors, dentists and nurses are always welcome to volunteer in the medical facilities of the foundation, they even have a laboratory and a dental operatory.The very pretty hotel cottages have every commodity such as Spanish showers, stone decorated walls and their own individual garden. Hotel services are based on social and environmental practices, the delicious food is made entirely from ingredients of the surrounding area and plastic bottles are avoided. The hotel has two relaxation areas and a sound bouncing room painted by a Dutch artist that guests love. The natural beauty that surrounds the hotel is breathtaking and there are several hiking options. We recommend the 45-minute hike to Chullpas where you can see the entire Sacred valley from above.  

If you want to stay in a beautiful Sacred Valley hotel and have a fulfilling experience in Peru, this is a wonderful option. It allows you to donate through your stay so that the Foundation can continue to offer education and medical attention to more than 160 vulnerable children of the surrounding communities, while having meaningful interactions with children that need it the most.


Lamay (2,950 meters above sea level), a small town situated 45 minutes from the city of Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the banks of the Vilcanota River (also known as the Urubamba).

Nunu is a hotel that is located in the little town of Lamay, inside the Sacred Valley. The hotel has been designed for families with small children and each room has a particular theme. The Sewing room for example, has a vintage Singer sewing machine from the 1950’s; the Music room has Vinyl records and a vintage record player, and the Chef room is decorated with hanging spoons and blender glasses. Each room has its own hamac that leads to the main yard where children can play on the playground. This hotel is an incredible option for families, they even have an oven for making pizza at night as a family. Children can pull out carrots, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and more from the bio-garden. The hotel practices the concept of 0km, the food served is made with fresh and local ingredients that do not need to travel. Lamay has some of the best agricultural zones of the Cusco area. The best corn, peaches, pears, strawberries, squashes and potatoes can be found in this area. Plastic bottles are avoided and the toiletries are ecofriendly and put in ceramic containers. This kid-friendly hotel is a beautiful hotel with sustainable practices that makes a wonderful hotel option in the Sacred Valley.


Km 56.5 Highway Pisac-Urubamba (28B), Calca, Sacred Valley.
Andenia is located in the Sacred Valley, between Cusco and Machu Picchu. It is approximately 10 minutes from Urubamba, 40 minutes to Ollantaytambo, 30 minutes to Maras, and 1 hour and 15 minutes to Cusco.

A new boutique hotel in Sacred Valley that has nine stylish and minimally designed private balcony rooms that are set in 6000 sq. meters (1.5 acres) of gardens, with stunning views of the Sacred Valley and the surrounding mountains.  The hotel has great sustainable practices filled with biodegradable toiletries, environmental products and of course is plastic free. The hotel has its own ‘huerta’ of local fruits and vegetables, as well as production of its own honey and marmalades, which are served in the restaurant.  

Their restaurant is raved about for its local ingredients, Peruvian and international dishes filled with color and flavor are offered from breakfast to late night snacks. 

Its location is perfect for visiting Moray, Ollantaytambo and Pisac and offers a chance to acclimate because it has a higher latitude than the city of Cusco. Its stunning surroundings also provide great options for adventure travel and hiking. This Cusco hotel features everything the Sacred Valley has to offer while going to great lengths to offer environmentally products and food. We recommend this hotel for travelers who are looking for a nice and quiet 3-star hotel in the Sacred Valley.

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