10 Best Pictures of and at Machu Picchu

[:en]It’s common to take the classic Machu Picchu picture when you visit with the famous citadel behind you. In 2011, a contest was held to find the best photographs of this famous Inca monument. The submissions ranged from silly pictures to stunning photo artistry. Below are the ten winning images.


This was the winning photo of the contest. No doubt, this photographer is talented. They played with the light of the sun and how it hit the mountain as well as deepened the colors. This photo truly portrays this unforgettable moment at Machu Picchu.


This photo is titled, “Hurry up! I can not stand it anymore.” It’s a typical humorous photograph taken by tourists at Machu Picchu that plays with you eyes and perception.


This is an original photograph from when Machu Picchu was first discovered, as it was before restoration. It certainly serves as a reminder to what Machu Picchu looked like through the eyes of Hiram Bingham that fateful day he came upon it.



Although the content of this image has appeared in many a photograph, the thing that distinguishes this particular capture are the color tones. It shows the Inca monument with a darker tone, then highlights the green of the mountain and area.


This photo was taken during the Inca Trail Trek where many structures like this one appear along the path. The beauty of this photo is how the sun bathes the scene and highlights the Inca construction.


This is a common scene at Machu Picchu, the citadel lost in thick clouds. The photographer called this photograph, “Machu Picchu disappearing.”



One of the greatest advantages of doing the Inca Trail Trek is that you can catch views like this one during your sunrise arrival at the ruins. This photographer captured the moment well, right when the sun traverses this window-like structure.


This llama managed to capture more emotion in its face than many humans. The perfect subject for your Machu Picchu photo. And yes, llamas do roam the ruins.


Looking pensively off into the distance, here’s another winning photo featuring one of the resident llamas and a common picture pose whether human or camelid.


Last but not least, the perfect combination of man with llama. Kudos to whoever recreates this shot during their visit to Machu Picchu.


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