About Us

Our roots. Since 1975, Explorandes has been a pioneer in adventure travel. We were the first company to operate the Inca Trail trek, spearheading tourism in remote and rural regions of Peru. Our founders discovered ancient ruins, hidden trails and explored the last unchartered rivers in the most fantastic and varied natural landscapes of the Andes. As innovators and passionate adventure enthusiasts, Explorandes give back to the places we love, creating top quality tailor-made travel experiences.

Safety first. Our guides are certified by Wilderness First Responder and use high quality safety and adventure equipment in all our activities. They know every route we operate and respective evacuation plans.

We BELEIVE in sustainability. Explorandes constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of this goal all our food supplies are sourced from local communities providing a sustainable income. We encourage our staff and travelers to avoid “single-use plastic” and promote recycling.



In Explorandes we have a strong commitment to social development and environment preservation. That is why we always work with native communities, whose activities have been excluded from modern economical system. We learnt that tourism can use local resources and workforce in a healthy and sustainable way. For that reason, we have developed three projects in association with our friends and partners from native communities of Amaru and Umasbamba in the Sacred Valley, and Llachón in Puno. Because of that, we invite you to enjoy a life experience with native communities, sharing their traditions and culture and also supporting an alternative but better way to develop and preserve our natural resources and culture.