7 Cultural Adventures in Lima You Just Can’t Miss

If it’s cultural adventures that you seek for your holiday in Peru, then allow us to introduce you  7 can’t miss cultural adventures to be had on Lima’s scenic coastline, taking you behind the scenes of local life and culture, starting with the fishing community of Chorrillos.


  1. A Freshly Prepared Fisherman’s Ceviche

Experience ceviche in its truest form, straight from the sea aboard the fisherman’s boat. For centuries, the fishermen of Lima have been enjoying Peru’s flagship dish in this way. Why wait to get to shore when their freshly caught fish can be diced, cooked in key lime, and mixed into a salad of sliced onion and aji amarillo straight away?

  1. An Olaya Sunset

Lima is notorious for its sunsets over the Pacific. This quintessential Lima cultural adventure is one that offers you a different perspective on the nightly show. Instead of finding your spot along the Costa Verde of Miraflores, you can watch the sky explode into color from the comfort of a well-stocked boat in the Olaya harbor. With the music going, sip on Peruvian cocktails, munch on some light fare, and take in the awe-inspiring sight right.

  1. A Visit to Spectacular Chorrillos

Chorrillos is a unique neighborhood in Lima that few travelers ever venture to. Full of stories and tradition, Chorrillos offers those who visit it a glimpse into the world of artisanal fishing, what it’s like to barter your way through a true Peruvian fish market, and local lore surrounding the community’s greatest hero José Olaya, a martyr in the fight for Peruvian Independence.

  1. A Taste of Chorrillos Gastronomy

For a food-focused cultural adventure in Chorrillos, look no further than its well-stocked traditional markets where you’ll find every ingredient you need to prepare your very own Peruvian-style ceviche. With a local expert walking you through the recipe step by step, you’ll wonder what other Peruvian delicacies you should be learning to make as well during your Peru vacation.

  1. A View of Lima from the Sea

You don’t need to wait for sunset to enjoy the view from the Chorrillos fishing cove. Join the fisherman out at sea for a spectacular view of Lima’s high rises and cliff-coated coastline. It will put your entire Lima tour in perspective and leave you with yet another unforgettable memory from your once-in-a-lifetime Peru holiday.

  1. A Trip to Morro Solar & Alto Peru

Morro Solar is the cluster of hills rising above the ocean in Chorrillos. It also happens to be where the Peruvian and Chilean forces faced off in the Battle of San Juan and Chorrillos during the War of the Pacific in 1881. Alto Peru is the humble community of mostly fishermen located at the hill’s base. Taking a trip to this barrio of Lima is a truly enlightening cultural adventure.

  1. A Tour of Barranco’s Art & Bohemian Culture

Barranco is Lima’s bohemian quarter, brimming with trendy coffee shops and restaurants, evocative art museums, and restored colonial mansions. It’s an intriguing blend of old and new, romantic and avant-garde. Do not fail to make your way to this fascinating corner of the Lima coast.

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