5 Presidents Who Toured Machu Picchu

Since Machu Picchu was first designated a modern wonder of the world, tourism in Peru sky rocketed. Every year, thousands upon thousands of people visit the famous Inca citadel, including some well-known political figures.

Joachim Gauck, The President of Germany

In March of 2015, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck, visited Machu Picchu with his wife, Daniela Schadt. The President spent two hours trekking through all of Machu Picchu, showing great enthusiasm for the buildings that revealed so much about the Inca empire. He and his wife were recognized by many of the German tourists also visiting the site that day and thus, wound up in many pictures that day. At the end of the trip, the President commented: “After visiting this place of miracles, we feel full of happiness, joy, and gratitude.”

The Leaders of Guatemala and Poland

These two world leaders visited the Inca city as part of their trip to the Fifth Summit of Heads of State and Government of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the European Union (LAC-EU). After their visit, the leaders said: Machu Picchu “is a place full of energy” and that the Inca citadel “is wonderful and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Princess Beatrice of England

Although not a president, Princess Beatrice of England deserves a spot on this list. She was one of the first international leaders to visit the Inca monument in the days that followed its addition to the world wonders list.

Former President of Peru Ollanta Humala

During his term in 2012, President Ollanta Humala visited the citadel with his family during the Holy Week celebrations in the region.

Just like you, important political figures like those mentioned above, have been captivated by wondrous Machu Picchu. If you have yet to visit this masterpiece of Incan construction, speak to an Explorandes Travel Specialist to begin planning your visit today.

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