4 Reasons to Make the Trip to Machu Picchu

Impressive, imposing, and magical are some of the words tourists give to describe their trip to Machu Picchu, a symbol of the greatness that was the Inca Empire. Located in the Urubamba River Valley 130 km from the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in Peru and is one of the best known worldwide. There are many reasons why this popular tourist destination should not be missed. Here’s four:

Touring One of the Wonders of the Modern World

It is incredible to think about how the Incas built their cities and roads, crossing hills and carrying materials over mountain tops. Machu Picchu is one of the wonders of the world, a title earned thanks to its imposing and beautiful construction and setting. It is one of the rare places in Peru that the Spanish never visited. For this reason, the citadel has maintained its original Inca architecture and engineering. The citadel, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, stands out for its enormous importance within the Inca Empire and for its impressive combination of ecology and culture.

Hiking the Inca Trail

Year after year, thousands of tourists and travelers make the trek, traversing high mountain landscapes and sections of jungle and passing ancient ruins, fortifications, valleys, and other Andean landscapes. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a four- to five-day adventure in which you’ll face climactic changes and challenging day-long hikes. Nonetheless, the trek is worth it for the great landscapes you’ll enjoy and the unforgettable arrival at Machu Picchu on your final day.

The Landscape from Intipunku

Intipunku, or Puerto del Sol, is located one kilometer south of the citadel. From there, you can catch the sun rising over Machu Picchu. For the best view, arrive before dawn to see  the clouds clear and the citadel come into shape before your eyes.

Diversity of Flora and Fauna

\r\nThe citadel of Machu Picchu has an approximate area of 32,000 hectares which shelter a great variety of flora and fauna. It’s even possible to see wildlife like the spectacled bear, the cock-of-the-rock, and different types of birds and orchids. Additionally, you’ll likely spot the world-famous llamas roaming around the citadel.

How to Make the Trip to Machu Picchu?

Due to its location at 2,360 meters above sea level, there are only two options for getting to Machu Picchu; by train or by trek with the Inca Trail being one such trekking option.


The best adjective to describe the citadel of Machu Picchu would be “imposing.” When you see it, you observe the harmony between man’s hand and nature. For this reason, making the trip to Machu Picchu is a truly unique experience of this world and taking the Inca Trail to get there an even better way to see all of the Inca Empire’s impressive feats of construction.

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