4 Must-Try Peru Adventures on the Coast

Perhaps your mind is hard set on a Machu Picchu trek or some other more expected Peru adventure, but have you considered some of your other adventure travel options in Peru? For example, think of all of the adventures that await on Peru’s 2,414-kilometer coastline, from paragliding off Lima’s Pacific cliffsides to surfing Mancora’s fabled swells. This blog post is meant to open your mind to all of the Peru adventure possibilities, starting with Peru’s coast. In it, we share four coastal adventures to inspire your Peru travel itinerary.

1. Surfing

Year-round swells, mild coastal temperatures, Peru is under-appreciated when it comes to being named a surf destination. But that it is. From Chicama’s legendary left-hand wave, the longest in the world, to Lobitos, a petroleum town turned Peru surf haven south of Mancora, there’s plenty of surf points to choose from. Closer to Lima, which may or may not be more convenient for your Peru tour, Pico Alto and La Herradura are arguably the best point breaks around.


2.Mountain Biking

Two wheels is a great way to explore the Peru coast. Pedal the seaside suburbs of Chorrillos, Miraflores, and Barranco on a mountain bike tour or venture further down the coast to Pachacamac for a bike ride along ancient indigenous paths, past picturesque valleys, and the gushing rivers that spill into the not-too-distant coast. Bike adventures in Peru are always worth your while for the stunning scenery alone, and the Peru coast is no exception.



Pencil in a paragliding Peru adventure and you won’t regret it. Along the Peru coast, paragliding Miraflores’ cliffsides is your best option. Departing from the verdant green cliffs that hug the city’s slice of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll experience a perspective of the city and Costa Verde that only the adrenaline junkies ever see. Prepare yourself for panoramic Lima views and thrills you’ll carry with you as memories for years to come.


4.Sea Kayaking

If you’ve never tried sea kayaking before, sea kayaking Peru’s coastal waters is something you must experience. Whether you hop in the kayak in Lima, Arequipa, or Paracas, the wildlife and vantage points will astound you. From paddling alongside pods of dolphins and past colonies of penguins to exploring caves, coves, and stunning beaches, the Peru adventures from the seat of a kayak are long and varied. Don’t miss out.


Ready for a Peru adventure on the coast?

Get in touch with us to explore your Peru travel options. We’ll walk you through everything on the adventure menu, be it seaside or scraping the sky on a mountain trek. We’re here to answer all.

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